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A wide variety of factors are required to make it in the business landscape, including innovative guide, a compelling offer, outstanding service, among other things. However, in today’s crowded marketing environment, your brand actually needs to tell a story.

Because stories arouse emotions, they make for better marketing. They have the power to influence who we trust, appeal to our nostalgia, and help understand complex material. And the power of video marketing is unparalleled when it comes to telling a brand’s story, as videos appeal to most of the five senses.

This makes bite-sized, memorable videos essential to your content strategy, especially if you want to make a measurable impact. These characteristics make video marketing an ideal format. You can link videos to the deals and offers and use the engagement statistics to see which products are a hit. This is what marketing desperately needs to quickly identify the most engaged prospects and demonstrate the impact of brand or product promotion initiatives.

Video marketing is also an effective way for a new brand to connect and communicate with their target market, and an established brand to promote their offerings. Here are some more benefits of video marketing and why you should take advantage of it.

  • Convey information more efficiently

If you are interested in a product or service, you would like further information promptly and in an easily understandable form. Video is a fantastic way to reach potential customers. In seconds, you can get their attention, tell the story of your brand and why they care, and let them know about your offer.

Corresponding Video Marketing Statistics, having a video on a product’s landing page can increase conversions by up to 80%! When compared to simply reading it, watching an engaging video with the same material is more effective. Since they evoke an emotional response, videos can undoubtedly influence buying behavior by converting a visitor into a lead and ultimately a customer.

Videos provide a more personal, holistic, and engaging connection than written content. While both media should be combined to portray your business as helpful, educated, and human, video is more helpful with the latter two.

Viewers are more likely to trust a brand if a video is presented authentically and down to earth, be it by you, your colleagues or your employees. That’s what inbound marketing is about – building trusting relationships with customers.

Vine may long be dead, but videos are thriving and making up an ever-increasing proportion of social media content. Check out Facebook, Instagram Reels, IGTV Videos, Facebook Live, and Instagram Live, among others.

We want to share content that will entertain and move our followers, and videos have the best chance of doing that. They are also more likely to be shared than links, photos, or simple text. The easiest way to get wet with video marketing is to get into post videos on Instagram and Facebook.

  • Improve search engine rankings

Videos are not beneficial for brand engagement and conversion, but also to improve search engine rankings. When a visitor lands on your website after a specific Google search, Google checks how long that visitor spends on your website to measure the effectiveness of their search results. The longer a visitor stays on your site, the more convinced Google is about what will increase your search rank. And there’s no better hook than a video.

  • Big ROI (Return on Investment)

Video marketing isn’t just about the intangibles. It’s also about making money. An explanatory video on your landing page can increase sales. Producing great videos no longer requires a large portion of your marketing budget.

With a little planning and your phone, you can create great videos. Customers don’t ask for Hollywood-style production. Instead of watching a polished, high-budget video that doesn’t mean much to them, they prefer to watch a no-frills video that is educational, informative, or demonstrative.

  • Increased advertising effectiveness

The banner or sidebar ads on a website pop up after a while for returning visitors and they scroll right past them. Videos, on the other hand, attract attention. Video advertising can intrigue your audience and help you get a lot out of the box in a short amount of time, get more people to your website, and encourage them to buy.

Corresponding HubSpot Statistics users prefer branded video content over other forms of marketing such as email, newsletters, social photos, social videos, and blog posts.

When consumers are considering a purchase, they employ a variety of tactics to explore their options, such as: If you can get a video on such landing pages, your brand has a better chance of convincing the consumer as they will prefer to see it rather than read it.

Videos are both dynamic and reusable. You can easily convert your marketing video to a GIF, a shorter version of the same video, a trailer, or an Instagram reel. This versatility of videos is crucial as it will usually take a little more time and effort in your marketing plan. However, they will always be worth it.

  • Know your audience better

While it’s true that all forms of marketing make you understand your audience, this is especially true when it comes to video marketing, simply because people prefer marketing video to any other form of marketing content.

In addition, you can get rich information about your target audience by using marketing videos and merging data from your social media, websites, email marketing campaigns and other communication channels. To get the right message across to the right people at the right time, it’s important to know your audience.

Bottom line

Video has been around for a long time, and video marketing isn’t new either. However, video marketing has only recently become available to businesses other than large corporations. Everyone from micro-influencers to large multinationals uses the internet to promote products, services, people, and more. And they all do it on video.

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