10 methods to efficiently enhance your advertising and branding

Many small businesses use multiple marketing and branding tools, including email, CRM, and social media. However, many of these tools can be used in different ways. And you may be overlooking some that could help your business. Here are insights from members of the online small business community on choosing the right platforms and software products.

Find the right CRM for your nonprofit organization

Customer relationship management is an important concept for both businesses and nonprofits. Even if your goal isn’t to generate tons of revenue, the right tools can have a huge impact on your mission. Learn about the best CRMs for nonprofits in this DIY marketer post from Ivana Taylor. ??

Consider the clubhouse to build your brand

Clubhouse is a relatively new social media platform that might interest those looking to position themselves as experts. It recently moved from beta, which is invite-only. So it’s widespread now. Find out more in this Social Media Today post from Andrew Hutchinson.

Generate leads through social media

Many small businesses use social media for their marketing. But less use these platforms to generate targeted leads. To get the most out of these tools, check out this Pixel Productions post by Fahad Khan. Then head over to BizSugar to see what the community members are saying.

Build your email list with Solo Ads

Solo ads offer paid marketing opportunities for those looking to build their email lists. This tactic is not suitable for every business. But it can benefit certain brands. Get an overview of this concept in this GetResponse post by Pam Neely to help you make your own decision.

Automate Marketing Operations Reporting

Reporting is an essential part of any marketing plan as it shows what works and what doesn’t. But it can also be time consuming for your team. But there are automation tools that make the process easier. Oliver Peterson explains it in this Process Street post.

Check out the new version of WordPress

Tons of small businesses are already using WordPress for their websites. But the platform is constantly adding new features to improve the experience. In fact, a brand new version has just been added. Find out all about it in this MarTech post from Chris Wood.

Get the right social media apps for your smartphone

Social media can be operated almost exclusively on mobile devices. Even if you have a team managing accounts in the office, apps can help you review on the go. This Search Engine Journal post by Brent Csutoras has 25 for business users to consider.

Make memes for your company

You probably think of memes as silly pictures that you see online. But they can actually be useful tools for certain brands. Janice Wald from Mostly Blogging shares several tools in this post to help you create your own. And BizSugar members have posted comments here.

Sell ​​digital products using these platforms

When you sell digital products or subscriptions, you need a platform that can make sales easy and deliver products. This is a specialized but growing field with several options to consider. Christopher Benitez covers some of them in this startup bonsai post.

Get more efficient with these marketing productivity boosters

Whatever tools you choose for your small business should help you get more done in less time. There are tons of options that span different roles and departments. Lane Ellis gives several tips and tools for B2B marketers in this TopRank marketing post.

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