10 tricks to discover your why and keep motivated in your organization

Anyone who wants to run a successful company needs the right motivation. It can be helpful to remember the reason for starting a business. Some do business for pleasure, others for financial freedom. There is no wrong answer. But members of the online small business community can use these tips to help you get the most out of your business.

Reconnect with your why

Every entrepreneur has a reason to get into business. But everyone is a little different. Reconnecting to that goal can help you stay motivated through the difficult stretches. This post on the future of business and technology includes an interview with Melinda Emerson on the subject.

Make ends meet on a tight budget

Having your family’s support is one of the best motivators for running a business. But the early years may still be meager. To support both your business and your life, follow the tips in this Work At Home Woman post by Courtney Stich.

Find your non-negotiable

Many business owners tolerate less than ideal interactions from customers and / or team members. But fixed boundaries are also important. In this Strella social media post, Rachel Strella explains how to outline and communicate your non-negotiable stuff.

Create a successful culture of knowledge sharing

Running a small business offers many learning opportunities. When you have a team, you may have even more opportunities to learn from each other. But you need to promote a culture that supports it. Find out more in this Small Biz Daily post from Chris Buttenham.

Follow these digital marketing tips to grow your new business

When you’re just starting out, all of the different marketing options can seem overwhelming. But it can be helpful to keep your end goals in mind. Bernard M. Miller explores some digital marketing options in this Moss Media post. And the BizSugar community discussed the ideas here.

Record your customer journey

Serving customers is an excellent motivator in running a business. But to do this successfully, you need to understand their behavior. A graphic representation of the customer journey can be helpful. Dorian Travers shares a way to do this in this GrowMap post.

Promote a positive work environment

Many entrepreneurs start their own business so that they can really enjoy their work. While you are hiring, promoting a positive work environment can help you and your team achieve that goal. Read how to do it in this noobpreneur post by Ivan Widjaya.

Choose between blogging and content marketing

Blogging and content marketing allow you to share your passions with readers and customers. But there are differences between these two concepts. Understanding each one can help you choose the best for your specific goals. Mike Allton from Blogging Brute explains here.

Learn more about content curation

If you are using content marketing for your business, familiarize yourself with curation. This strategy becomes a lot easier when you have a specific vision for your brand. Claudia Bird shares more in this Blogging Wizard post. And BizSugar members have reported in more detail here.

Create a branding strategy for your goals

Once you understand the motivation and purpose of your business, you need to create a brand to match. This crowdspring post by Ross Kimbarovsky has a simple guide to help business owners develop a branding strategy.

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