15 methods to unravel the labor disaster

Scarcity manager for restaurant staff shortages

Contributed by David “Rev” Ciancio

This means you can hire faster, recruit stronger employees and retain them longer without wages going broke

The coronavirus pandemic continues to throw a spanner in the works of the catering industry, especially when it comes to hiring and retaining workers. With government support paid out, many people have chosen to sit at home and collect unemployment benefits rather than return to work. In addition, competitive wages cause many people to switch between employers and even industries in order to receive different wage rates or conditions.

But restaurant operators are resilient. Rolling the stamps and constant adjustment are a matter of course in this industry. People love to eat in restaurants and the operators love to be hospitable so the urge is there to find out for the good of everyone. Many restaurants have increased their basic wages, added new customer bonuses and additional perks. For example, chains like McDonald’s are starting to introduce childcare. With labor shortages, rising wages, reduced foot traffic, product inflation and more, restaurant operators are under great stress finding new ways to maximize their business in order to be profitable.

When my friends at Ovation, an incredible software company that helps restaurants get feedback and maintain open, face-to-face communication with their guests, asked me if I would work with them to find ways in which restaurants could improve labor shortages I immediately said yes.

I love restaurants, I love business, and I do everything I do to improve the industry and create incredible experiences for consumers. I am here to help you.

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Together, we’ve gathered some incredible tips and suggestions (found at https://ovationup.com/help-with-hiring/), 15 of them, to be precise, from incredible thought leaders and experts across the hospitality industry who can inspire Changes in your branding, communication and operations that will help you hire faster, get stronger and keep employees longer.

You will find strong ideas from:

  • Eric Bam from Perfect Crust Pizza Liners
  • Bruce Irving of Smart Pizza Marketing
  • Ken McGarrie, author, founder of Korgen Hospitality
  • Fred Glick, President of the Amergent Hospitality Group
  • Ryan Gromfin, owner of The Restaurant Boss
  • Derek Williamson, President of HigherMe
  • Joe DeSimone, former Business Development and Recruiting Manager at Source One Hospitality
  • And more!

Here is one of my favorite ideas and an example of what you will find if you try it out: In job postings, highlight what you can do for job applicants instead of what it brings you. That’s what it’s about them. – Bruce Irving, owner of Smart Pizza Marketing

These tips are not your usual ideas like raising wages or adding a new customer bonus. We assume that you have already seen this from others and are doing this yourself. We went deeper.

We encourage you to take a look inside your company and ask:

  • What drives my employees to work here?
  • What is special about being part of this team?
  • What are my team members gaining as they help advance this business?
  • Who will they become through their time with us?

Answering these questions will enable you to be more effective, to attract better, to keep and motivate people longer, and to do more incredible things.

So please take a look at the video compilation we made and a checklist of tips on Ovation’s website. You can also find links under each person’s suggestion lists if you’d like to hear the full interviews with more details and ideas to incorporate into your business. Wishing you all the best!

David Rev CiancioDavid “Rev” Ciancio is a retired New York bar owner and knows exactly how hard it is to run and brand a hospitality business.

Today he is a hospitality marketing consultant, customer and technology evangelist with more than 20 years of experience in digital B2B marketing and business development, specializing in hospitality marketing, content, local SEO, reputation management and influencer marketing. He helps technology companies, brands, and restaurants acquire and retain customers. Rev is known as an “expert burger taster” and writes hospitality and marketing tips on his Instagram @revciancio and on his LinkedIn profile. He believes pizza is a religion. Learn more at https://bit.ly/followersorders

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