3×3 Publicizes the Begin of a New Retailer Membership Program for the Beverage Alcohol Trade


Independent retailers can now harness the power of data and discover new artificial intelligence programs to improve customer loyalty as part of a free 3 × 3 membership package

New York, NY, June 3, 2021 – 3 × 3, a data-driven shopper engagement partner for brands and retailers in the beer, wine and spirits industries, is proud to announce the launch of a new retailer membership program for spirits retailers. Membership will help retailers find new, digital ways to engage customers and sell more products.

As the alcohol beverage industry shifts towards more omnichannel sales strategies, there is a greater need for digital resources to help retailers, grocers and brands navigate a COVID afflicted world. You need tools that can attract new customers, build customer loyalty, increase sales, and grow profits faster and more efficiently.

Bringing together the expertise of several alcohol and tech industry veterans, 3 × 3 combines marketing technology with expert knowledge to help partners connect with shoppers who discover new products they love. 3 × 3 prides itself on supporting the independent retail sector with a free membership program based on expert content and industry partnerships that helps companies make validated and data-driven decisions to grow sales. Membership offers retailers marketing tips to attract and promote buyers, as well as early access to new 3 × 3 loyalty tools that buyers can engage with in the digital arena. Overall, membership enables retailers to build valuable relationships that expand their business presence with customers old and new.

“As the competition from e-commerce giants and box stores in the beverage alcohol sector increases, our goal is to improve the playing field by providing independent retailers with consumer data that can help attract new customers as efficiently as possible Door to lure, ”says 3 × 3 CEO Mike Provance, PhD. “The independent broadcaster is our heart and soul. Our goal with this new 3 × 3 dealer membership program is to provide the independent retail sector with digital engagement tools with no barriers to entry. Through our partnerships with LiveRetail and Barcart, we can offer members the opportunity to reach new target groups and increase sales. ”

Benefits for those who take advantage of the 3 × 3 Dealer Membership Program include:

  • Weekly action-packed articles exclusively for members
  • Monthly reports, localized to metropolitan regions, on category trends and best-selling products
  • Monthly email newsletter with quick links to articles and localized trending reports
  • First access to new 3 × 3 engagement and loyalty features, such as our Flavor Profile API and fully supported sweepstakes programs
  • Opportunities to participate in 3 × 3 brand partner marketing and innovation campaigns
  • Free Facebook posts via LiveRetail
  • Preferential access to paid transaction campaigns, facilitated by LiveRetail via Facebook
  • Free fulfillment partnership with Barcart to increase orders for certain branded products

To register, beverage alcohol retailers should visit https://hubs.li/H0PxNW30 and provide their name and email address.

Leading beverage alcohol industry organizations and conferences such as the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States and Bar Convent have recognized the importance of versatile digital solutions at the retail and brand level and identified 3 × 3 as one of the leading marketing technologies and data insights companies to serve their members pave the way for the future.

This month, Mike Provance, PhD, CEO of 3 × 3, will introduce the 3 × 3 retailer membership program at the 2021 Beverage Alcohol Retail Conference in Austin, Texas. On June 8th, Provance will host a seminar to discuss the changes in digital marketing technology that will affect the way alcohol dealers operate and market. With retail investing heavily in digitization, many small businesses may need to take a step back to pave their way forward. The session provides attendees with actionable tips and best practices on how to make proactive changes for safer, more effective marketing.

To learn more about 3 × 3 and the 3 × 3 dealer membership program, please visit 3 × 3.us. To find out more about the service options of 3 × 3 offers or to get market insights, register for the Conference for Beverage-Alcohol Retailers 2021 or sign up for the 3 × 3 Retail Untapped newsletter.

About 3 × 3

3 × 3 helps liquor brands and independent retailers create a better future. 3 × 3 is a data-driven shopper engagement partner for brands and retailers in the beer, wine and spirits industries. We combine marketing technology with expert knowledge to help you connect with buyers who will love your products. For more information on 3 × 3 or to learn more about becoming a business partner, please visit www.3 × 3.us.


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