5 B2B video advertising and marketing tricks to improve gross sales

Analysts and researchers have been saying it for years: Video is the future of B2B content marketing. And in 2021 this forecast still holds.

Marketers in all segments are realizing the potential of video. According to a 2020 study by MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute, a whopping 71% of B2B marketers use video in their content strategies.

It is only expected that this number will increase as businesses and their customers switch to video as their preferred form of content for entertainment and information alike.

Benefits of B2B video marketing

Videos are fast becoming the preferred content for B2B marketers for many reasons. A recent study by Wyzowl found that video offers a variety of benefits in 2021:

  • Above average ROI
  • Significantly higher engagement rate than other content types
  • Increased website traffic
  • Improved sales
  • Additional lead generation

Such benefits are essential. So get started with these five actionable B2B video marketing tips that can help you grow your sales this year.

Five For-Profit B2B Video Marketing Tips

1. Keep videos short, crisp, and to the point

B2B companies often offer complicated solutions to complicated problems. As a result, it can be difficult to formulate your offers and benefits clearly and simply without getting caught up in technical details. With this in mind, keep your video content short, concise, and focused on the benefits you are offering.

In fact, 70% of viewers tend to be engaging with videos that are less than two minutes long. Videos longer than two minutes have a large drop in engagement rates.

You might still be tempted to produce long videos to fully convey the complexity and functionality of your product or service. However, you have a much higher chance of keeping your audience’s attention if you focus on streamlining your communication.

Keep your videos under two minutes by focusing on a handful of your product’s key benefits. Brevity and succinctness will help your viewers get a clear picture of your video, making it easier to win or stimulate action.

2. Create video case studies

Showing an advertisement for the benefits of a product is helpful, but it’s even better to show how that product has benefited its users in the real world. You know that – and above all your audience. This is why case studies are such a powerful strategy for B2B video marketing.

Case study videos can show your audience how your solutions work and what they can do. By creating an engaging story that shows how your offering solved your customers’ problems, you will help your viewers see firsthand the performance of your product, as well as the benefits of switching from a competitor.

3. Use videos to address buy-in concerns

Convincing your audience to take the plunge to buy is no easy task, and the B2B buying cycle has increased dramatically over the past year, research from the Demand Gen Report shows. That means companies have to put extra effort into encouraging their audiences to make every purchase.

Because video is typically more memorable and easier to understand than other types of content, it can be the perfect medium to address buy-in concerns directly.

For example, your potential customers may be hesitant because your product doesn’t have a specific function. In that case, you could produce a video that highlights how your product can still be more productive with its current capabilities. Or maybe your audience isn’t being sold at your asking price. So create an engaging video that shows how much more value you offer than the competition.

Videos can be a versatile sales enhancement option by helping customers overcome any concerns that are holding them back from buying.

4. Develop tutorial and demo videos

B2B customers can’t waste time on a product that may not suit their needs. You can alleviate this hesitation by developing comprehensive product demos and tutorial videos that show your solution in action, give viewers instructions on how to use it, and demonstrate their unique capabilities.

The benefits of tutorial videos are twofold:

  1. You can make the buying process easier for buyers by helping them understand your product before making a purchase, giving them confidence, and helping them get started right away when purchasing.
  2. You can help customers see the full potential of your product without having to make a purchase and help them make up their minds before committing to buy or not buy your offering.

The production of tutorial and demo videos will help you optimize your customers’ buyer journeys, ensure a smoother experience and increase your sales.

5. Offer engaging onboarding videos for customers

If B2B onboarding videos are designed to be viewed after a customer makes a purchase, what do they have to do with increasing sales and increasing profits?

The answer: customer loyalty.

Many companies invest all of their efforts in customer acquisition, but it is important to focus on customer loyalty. In fact, customers with positive onboarding experiences are more likely to feel more connected to your business, increasing their purchase frequency by more than 90% and their transaction spend by 60%.

Your onboarding videos don’t have to be special. However, you should be clear, engaging, and helpful to your audience, and provide all of the information they need to get your product up and running quickly in their own businesses.

* * *

Video marketing is already one of the most popular tactics for B2B content and it will continue to grow. It’s powerful and will help you connect with your customers, solve potential problems and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Video producing may be an intimidating process when you’re just starting out, but the previous five tips in your marketing toolbox will be sure you are on the right track.

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