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The production of free content is the key to good content marketing. As backward as it may seem, having a free sample of your insights and perspectives will fuel audience engagement with your brand, attract new users, and deliver results.

Thought leadership content relies on sacrificing your “industry secrets” to share with your audience. The result? Credibility, trust in your brand and brand loyalty. Here are five ways you can use the content you share with the world to build a strong thought leadership brand.

Evergreen YouTube Videos

Thought guidance depends on your content being tied to you and your brand. Everything you publish should be recognizably yours. A video makes it impossible to separate you and your brand from the content. This makes video ideal content to post and develop thought leadership. Evergreen YouTube videos create a library for your community to browse and establish your brand’s presence in the digital space.

Your audience can access your content, learn from your experiences, and develop a relationship with you as a leader. Video content also attracts visual learners who may not have access to blog posts. Other industry leaders may reference your content and improve your network connections. Over time, your evergreen video content will continue to serve these purposes.

Since YouTube is a massively sought after platform, the longer your video content is on YouTube, the more likely your content will be found by your ideal audience. This is a great position. Create video content once, upload it and let your viewers access all of your content continuously.

Keyword rich blog posts

Blogs are a great platform for positioning your line of thought. Long-form content allows you to explore one topic at a time with empirical evidence and clarity. You can view your knowledge by writing and navigating a topic.

A blog post can also establish your brand in the light of the larger community. An effective blog uses keywords to ensure that users can find relevant content. Some blogs have a comment section below to encourage conversation beyond the post. In addition, two other factors contribute to building a connection with the community: audience awareness and keyword density.

Awareness of the audience

Understanding what your target audience needs and who they are can help identify topics that will pique their interest. At its core, thought guidance relies on providing content that your audience can connect to right from you, whether or not they can find it through someone else. Because of this, industry insights, unique feedback, and your interpretation of trends all help to make your voice stand out in the community and give the audience a chance to become familiar with your brand position.

Keyword density

It doesn’t matter how relevant your content is if no one sees it. While you want your content to stand out from the sea of ​​search results, you need to play the search engine optimization game to your advantage. Content marketing uses keyword density to maximize content awareness. A growing audience will build a network of people who want to learn and return to more in the future. This network gives you and your brand more authority and establishes your line of thought. The more you can show your mastery of the content by implementing your keyword usage, the better you can consolidate your expertise.

Podcast guest tour

Take a guest tour of established podcasts instead of creating a new podcast to market and support. With a podcast guest tour, you can leverage your industry community to share your expertise through podcasts and allow others to introduce themselves to you. As a podcast guest, you have the host’s support, a platform for conversation, and the ability to attract people who identify with your story.

Whether you are discussing the latest developments in your industry or providing a glimpse into your lifestyle, you will attract new audiences. A podcast is a unique form of content marketing. In contrast to produced and edited blog posts or videos, you present yourself as someone who is able to hold an off-the-shelf discussion. This adds to your credibility and shows your ability to be authentic in your space.

Industry-specific guest posts

On the other hand, instead of being a guest on podcasts, you can also be a guest blogger or invite other guest bloggers to post on your platform. From a marketing perspective, facing the competition is not intuitive. However, this is one of the best ways to build an industry network. The industry professionals you work with will add credibility, generate new content, and bring their target audience into your ecosystem.

Plus, hosting guests shows that you can identify and encourage other leaders, whether they work for you or not. This attracts people who want to be as successful and well connected as you are. Guest content generates thought guidance by establishing you as a mentor and collaborator.

Lectures at relevant associations

Networking and advertising are not limited to the digital platforms. As you flood the market with your expertise, you will find that organizations and relevant associations turn to you frequently for speaking and training opportunities. There are many ways you can benefit from speaking at an industry association event, but two things in particular can help speed your thought process: support and awareness.


Essentially, a lecture tells attendees that their association supports you as a credible source. The audience enters your lecture or speech with the view that you are an authority and someone to learn from. By participating in your industry’s conversations, you are giving your audience the opportunity to interact with your brand, relate to you as a person, and develop their knowledge. These results directly contribute to the foundation of your thinking.


You will get to know established experts at an event organized by the industry association. These are ideal members of your audience who will lead the conversation about your brand online and offline. They take your content and share it with their professional network, increasing your notoriety and authority. When it comes to driving out your competition, a personal and warm recommended impression can make all the difference.

Final thoughts

Thought leadership is a good balance between experience, knowledge and action. To get started in an industry, you need to have the conversation and walk the path. You should use your perspective to share knowledge and build a community. Use the content you post to become thought leaders and drive your brand’s success. Not only will you share valuable insights with others, but you will do so from a place of authority and authenticity. Are you ready to share your unique line of thought?

Written by Rob Pene. Follow the CEOWORLD magazine on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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