5 methods to extend your on-line presence

Increasing your online presence will help grow your business or even your fame. Whether an individual, brand or organization, online presence is important for everyone in the digital age.

According to surveys and research, almost more than half (59.5% of the world’s population) of the world’s population is on the Internet, and it can be a great platform to market, influence, or share information or news.

So this was about the power of the internet and how big it is. But you can’t just post a video and have it reach everyone over the internet, do you know why?

Since your presence on the internet isn’t that strong, you only know and follow a handful of people. Maybe you don’t have a wide reach and the reasons could be your content, your face value, or you marketed yourself the wrong way.

But we are not here to blame the causes and the reason for it; We’re here to change you a little for the better. Regardless of whether you are a brand, a company, or an individual, this article will bring you the 5 best and easiest tricks and tips that you can safely follow to grow your online presence and earn that fame or sales.

  1. Active presence

Without talking about complicated things, let’s focus on the most prominent and ignored tip or exercise that you can follow. If you want to increase your presence on the internet, this is the easy way to spend some time.

Please share your views on a specific topic, comment on videos, join the various platforms, express yourself and most importantly, spend some time on it.

Spending some time on it will give you an opportunity to interact with people and build your network online. It will educate your presence on social media platforms and the world will know that there are people like you.

You can start by giving valuable news or information that people would like to hear from you. Being regular also helps you be aware of the hot topic of the digital world and other current events.

It’s simple, effective, and shouldn’t be followed for just 2-3 days or a week. You should try for a month and the results will be visible. Gradually but surely, there will be some growth in the graphics of the followers and the engagement of the people.

  1. Start with similarity

Let’s look at it in simple language. To illustrate, if a person wants to grow and increase their influence on the internet, or even a new company aims to do the same, they should start with the platform with a similarly interested audience.

If you’re into tech, there’s no point joining or subscribing to a food blog just because it has a large audience. As someone very nicely quoted: “Small things become big things”.

The main idea and intention here is to capture a small portion of the audience first and then move on to a large crowd.

The main point to keep in mind here is that the audience should have interests similar to yours. It will help you understand their emotions and feelings, and understand the triggers that you can use to make them like your profile.

And this can be done in a number of ways, e.g. For example, by sharing an exclusive message, presenting your views, or discovering any other aspect of a current affair. Things like this help you be different and look unique from others.

  1. Do you have a website

Well this is a business tip. Although individuals can also start their blogs and post content they like and share with their followers, this can be a great way to increase their exposure and get people noticed.

But let’s look at this from a business perspective. If you’re just getting started and want to start selling in no time, should you have a professional website to help your customers learn about you, your intentions behind the company, your goals, and what you’ve achieved so far?

The presentation of your service or product is secondary and the most important thing is customer trust and loyalty, both of which can be done through a website. You can even create videos and embed them on the website to increase customer loyalty and improve SEO performance.

And in parallel you build and increase your presence on the internet which will help you to enlarge your network, and since network = net worth, this will surely help you to get some profit from it.

So it’s more like an arrow and two targets. You get sales through customers and customers through sales.

  1. Learn the art of designing and creating

This tip has the potential to completely change your “digital game”. Brands can use this in a great way to increase their sales and a person to increase their brand awareness and reach.

If you want to grow on the internet, keep in mind that people love to see art and creativity, which doesn’t mean you should start painting or sketching. You as a person or organization should make a really good post and publish well-edited videos. You can also hire someone to do this, if your pocket allows it.

Once created, follow the COPE (create once, publish anywhere) rule and get started. And when you master it, or gain some views and followers, you (the organization) can start video marketing to get some sales and see your brand equity emerging.

  1. Show what you are

All of these were “tricks”, but his one is a “tip”. By following the above tricks you will be able to gain followers and fame and the disclaimer is that all of this can be temporary if you do not provide the quality or loss you want if you trust it that they have one.

It may sound like a lecture, but it is important to you. Getting fame or followers is easy, but getting it isn’t. So you should be able to consistently work hard and give them the appropriate things that they expect and promise.

Always remember that lies run sprints and truth runs a marathon.


So these were some ways to grow and grow your presence on the internet. In conclusion, something to remember as a value here is the last item on the list.

That being said, once you have a decent number of followers, once you have a decent number of followers, your responsibilities and work will increase as power and responsibilities go hand in hand.

There will be times when no one will notice or follow you, or even treat you as a brand, but you shouldn’t give up and back off.

And should you follow the methods and tricks above to be more inclusive on the internet and you will surely hit that number.

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