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In today’s digital world, almost every business, large or small, should have a website. The Internet gives businesses far greater reach and exposure than any other form of marketing or advertising. A website not only shows your professionalism, it also helps build your company’s credibility. Having a website makes it easy for both your prospects and customers to find you and what you are doing.

Every company strives to build a strong online presence in order to reach its target audience. This crowded and competitive environment leaves no room for error in building a corporate website. As a business, you want a unique, high quality, professional website that will increase your visibility and help you grow your business. The good news is that you can at least learn more about web design best practices and avoid these common mistakes.

Don’t invest in responsive design

With the increasing popularity of mobile devices and the increasing use of smartphones, investing in a good website design is critical for any business. Cell phones have become an integral part of everyday life and business. In fact, over 50 percent of the world’s web traffic comes from mobile devices. Because of this, you need to make sure that your company website is designed to respond and adapt to any screen size.

Unfortunately, many companies make the mistake of not investing in responsive web design. This is a mistake you don’t want to make as consumers increasingly choose to surf the web and look for local businesses that use mobile devices instead of PCs. Responsive web design offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Cost effectiveness. When you invest in responsive web design, you don’t have to run two separate versions of the same website. You get a single site that is responsive to all devices and engages all visitors.
  • Easy administration. A good website design makes it easy for you to make changes yourself and manage other aspects of your marketing.
  • Better user experience. Users no longer need to zoom, shrink, or pinch their mobile screen as the site adapts to the screen. This improves the user experience and thereby increases sales.
  • Better SEO rankings. The design of the website has an impact on search engine optimization. Sites with responsive, mobile-friendly designs rank higher than sites that don’t.

Without Clear Call to Actions (CTAs)

Think about it – you’re looking for a local business to buy a gift for your child’s upcoming birthday. You quickly grab your smartphone and open your favorite search engine. After opening a few websites, find one that you think has what you are looking for. Unfortunately, you can only see the store’s products as they appear on the website. No prices. No contact forms. No buttons to add to cart. What’s next now? You quickly lose interest and leave the site. Right?

As a business, you want to create a high quality, professional website that not only attracts a visitor’s attention but also encourages them to take action. Otherwise, there is no way you can convert a lead and make a sale. A good call to action should be:

  • Mandatory. A good CTA needs to clearly state what the user will get when they click on it. This way you ensure that users are forced to act.
  • Clear and concise. Make sure your CTA button is clear, short, and specific. According to HubSpot, it should be less than 5 words.
  • Action-oriented. Do not bark commands to users. Instead, use simple action verbs that give users a good reason to take the action your business wants.
  • It should create a sense of urgency. Adding words like “now” or “today” to your CTAs can help create a subtle sense of urgency and encourage users to take action.

Use a template design instead of a custom design

Most companies choose template drafts because they want to avoid the hassle of hiring a web developer. Using a website template can save you money at first, but it does not give you the unique benefits of a custom website.

First, website templates usually have a limited number of fonts, designs, and colors. As a result, it may not be possible to make a clear impression with the visual aspects of your website. However, with a custom web design, you can create a personalized website that creates your own brand identity and sets it apart from the competition. In addition, custom web designs offer a wide variety of colors, themes, graphics, and designs. The costs associated with custom web designs may seem high at first, but they’ll save you a lot of money later.

Not choosing the right domain name

Another common website mistake that you don’t want to make is deciding on a domain name that doesn’t make sense. Here are two reasons why your domain name is very important.

  • It defines your brand. In essence, your domain name acts as the foundation for your brand. Choosing the wrong domain name can therefore damage your brand.
  • It is your “first impression”. The first thing users see when interacting with a brand online is the website URL. Hence, your domain name is your first impression. Choosing the wrong domain name can easily drive visitors away from your website, while a good domain name can leave a positive, lasting impression.

Here’s the thing – don’t overthink it. Choose a simple but catchy domain name that is not only relevant to your brand but also stands out from the crowded digital space. If your domain name is already taken, you can work with a domain broker to secure it. Many domains have been parked and unused for many years and you will be surprised what you can find when you ask for them.

Make your navigation menu difficult to find

Imagine inviting guests to your anniversary celebration in your home. And instead of helping them find their way around the property, let them get lost or don’t even bother to engage them in any way. It is obvious that they will get bored and leave. You may never see them again.

You don’t want to make this mistake with your web design. You should design your website so that it is easy to navigate. In addition to being highly visible, the navigation bar should be easily accessible on a screen of any size. If your visitors are lost, you will likely lose them to your competitors.

Error updating your contact information

It should take less than five seconds for your visitors to search and find your contact information. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case as many companies fail to provide their name, address, and phone number. The moment a potential customer visits your websites and decides to either use your services or make a purchase, they’ll look for your contact details. And if they can’t find it, they’ll look elsewhere – your competition. Make sure to include a “Contact Us” page and include your address and phone number at the bottom of each web page.

Lack of social proof

Companies often overlook the idea of ​​putting social evidence on their website. First, testimonials from other customers increase the credibility of your company and can help increase sales. Remember, consumers are more likely to trust testimonials and online reviews when shopping for products.

If you don’t include social evidence on your website, you will decrease the trust potential clients and customers have in your business. So, introduce the reviews you get from customers on your website.

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