A Bounce Home Upkeep Information:

You will need to maintain the bounce house properly if you want it to last for a couple of years. No worries, it’s not that hard or time-consuming.  Although it is mandatory to perform it regularly.  Nowadays, A Bounce house rentals offers hours of entertainment, as children invite their friends over and get maximum fun. The following tips will help:

You need to clean your bounce house:

The bouncy house’s main area needs to be cleaned if you expect your children to use it every weekend.  Dirt will be tracked through the structures as kids enter and exit.  Cleaning with a vacuum is best.

Then, using a soft brush and soapy water, you can wash the bounce area to get rid of any dirt spots that remain. The cleaning formula you choose should take special care. Request a cleaning solution from the manufacturer.  Stains can be caused when dirt is not cleaned.

In addition to preventing dust accumulation, cleaning the bounce house is necessary to ensure its safety.  Children’s eyes may be damaged by dirt and debris. Every bounce house should be cleaned after every event.

The Bouncy House should be sanitized:

You can use soap and water to wash the bounce house, but sanitizing it also needs to be done once in a while. The inflatable house is made from the best materials so some of them could damage the fabric.

The owners of some rental businesses use products designed for cleaning and sanitizing wrestling mats.  Products such as these generally work on bouncy houses.  Check on a small area before you use the solution to reassure the bounce house won’t be damaged.

It takes little time to sanitize.  Remove the excess paint with a cloth after spraying the unit, especially the corners. The bounce house won’t become a germ haven.

Make sure everything is completely dry before storage:

The fabric should be completely dry after being washed and/or sanitized before being stored.  Cleaning products do not pool in spots, preventing mildew growth. Using a leaf blower can increase the rate at which the inflatable dries up.

It is very important to dry your water parks after each use.  When wet inflatable structures are folded, mildew and unpleasant odors grow.  Eventually, the fabric may even become stained from this.

When the bounce house loses air, don’t use it:

The bouncy house should be exited by the kids as soon as possible if it suddenly starts losing air. If you know your children are playing on the bouncy, they may not realize you are losing air.

When you jump inside a bouncy house that is losing air, the fabric may get damaged.  It is possible that the extra ‘give’ could cause a tear since there is no cushion of air anymore supporting the tarps.  It can also hinder the seams due to extra slack in the material.

It can also cause injury if the bouncy house deflates.  An infant falling on a downward jump would hit hard ground if a pressurized air cushion were not present.  Everyone needs to leave and fix the problem, since that is the safest thing to do.

Here are some other tips:

  • Take sharp items out of kids’ pockets.  Consider keys and pens. The punctures may cause serious injuries or punctures to the fabric.
  • During play in the inflatable structure, kids should not push one another..  The bounce house might damage bouncers or have kids get thrown out if it is rough housing.
  • Children should be taught not to bounce against the walls of the bounce house if it has walls..  A collapse occurring in this way could cause injuries.
  • Before entering the bounce house, make sure kids remove their jewelry, glasses, and footwear..  You may end up damaging the fabric or hurting another child.
  • You should not let kids use bounce house supplies like food and drinks..  If you don’t clean this up, you may have messes afterward.  Safety is also impacted by glass bottles or cutlery.
  • The bounce house should be placed away from your house window, gazebo, greenhouse, tree branches, or fence.. If they are too near the bounce house, the structure can become damaged or injuries may occur.
  • Remember that kids can also run around the bounce house when playing..  Make sure it’s far from any obstructions when setting it up.

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