A Burnley video advertising firm launched an internet platform that helps small companies create their very own slick testimonial movies very quickly.

Burnley-based Bellyflop can usually be found filming and producing video content for customers, but has now focused on giving them their own with the help of its new online platform.

It encourages the creation of user-generated content and is designed to make the production and distribution of customer testimonials and case study videos much easier for companies looking to prove their testimonials through the use of social proof.

Mark Robinson, Operations Director at Bellyflop said, “There are many online video editing and hosting tools out there, but nothing like them. Video testimonials are really powerful and allow potential customers to hear directly from existing customers about their experience, but it hasn’t always been easy to get and the need to edit into something that looks appealing and sounds like what all takes time and effort.

“Our new platform takes over the entire end-to-end process. Users can ask their customers to record videos on their computers and mobile devices and upload them straight to the platform, where music and relevant subtitles are automatically added, resulting in polished, professional, yet authentic testimonials that can be posted online and on social media. “

The platform also allows users to send video emails, which is crucial for sales teams and account managers as customers really like the personal touch. Video email helps companies stand out in their customers’ mailboxes for the right reasons.

Lisa Edge, Managing Director of Lancashare, was one of the early adopters of the platform and said, “We love using Bellyflop Video. It has given us so many advantages and great value for money.

“It’s easy to use, and the length and format of the videos we can produce are perfect for our audience. We use it to send video emails, record video stories, and all of our testimonials are now being obtained with Bellyflop Video. It’s the perfect mix to share our activities and definitely helps us reach a wider audience. “

The online software is available to individual business users by subscription, but agencies for digital and social media marketing can also offer it to their customers on a white label basis.

According to a statistic compiled by Wordstream, 51% of marketers worldwide name video as the type of content with the best return on investment (ROI). 87% of online marketers use video content. The most popular types of video by marketers in 2021 include presentation videos (49%) and testimonial videos (48%).

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