A dealer’s information to navigating the ocean of actual property know-how

From iBuyers to concierge services – in the last ten years the real estate industry has been turned upside down by several technology-based solutions. With them grew fears that technology will replace the personal, human experience agents provide, ultimately changing the industry for the worse.

Based on the insights from Mike DelPretes Emerging Models in Real Estate Report 2021, we bet that REALTORS® will continue to be the focus of transactions in the coming decades. Those who choose real estate technology and the opportunities it brings will stay ahead of the curve.

So how can you use some of these changes – including those that appear to be powerful forces against agents – to your advantage? It’s simple, and you’ve been doing it since you started your career in real estate: educate and guide. As DelPrete puts it, “The brokers and agents who win will be the ones who educate and empower consumers to make the choices that are right for them.”

There’s a reason content marketers focus heavily on education. It all comes down to trust. People naturally trust those who teach them. By sharing your extensive knowledge of the industry, market conditions and customer options, you show that you not only know about the industry, but are also able to advise your customers. Additionally, you show that by not eliminating or walking over certain home buying and selling options, you can guide customers through their home sale as well as just any home sale. There are several ways to position yourself as a knowledgeable advisor that is already built into most real estate marketing programs. Let’s take a look at some!


Video marketing can seem like a beast to conquer, but it’s worth it – and really the key is just getting started. Agents have great success with video that has not been overproduced, and in many cases, low-production videos appear more authentic, which makes them even more trustworthy. Curbio clients Anne Rossley in Chicago and Catherine Weir in Seattle have slightly different, reproducible video styles that seem to rely primarily on ingestion and editing – which you can do with an iPhone and QuickTime or Canva. Both agents offer fantastic educational content through video marketing and ultimately position themselves as expert guides.


Events are another great way to educate and connect with potential customers. From events related to education (like a master class for first time home buyers) to fun celebrations that allow you to move on with educational information, events are an incredibly versatile marketing tactic.

Make sure you give your guests the opportunity to invite their friends and family so you can expand your sphere. You can also digitally expand the reach of your events. Broadcast your event live and share photos after the event to show your network how much fun you are having at your events!

Customer meetings

You already have customer meetings and offer training content beforehand, during and afterwards – but can you share more? By not removing certain options like iBuyers from your presentation, you are giving your customers a signal that you are really there to develop the perfect process for them – and not just advance your standard process that works for you. To position yourself as an expert guide, you need to keep up with all of the options available and embed a variety of solutions into your marketing programs and home sales process.

As home buyers and sellers learn more about the investment potential of their homes and the value of home improvements, concierge naturally becomes a must-have solution. Hundreds of agents across the country are already using Curbio to meet their home improvement needs and grow their businesses. Learn more about how you can deliver unparalleled real estate concierge service to your clients in our quick on-demand intro webinar.

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