Adweb Studio – Responsive net design is a invaluable funding for corporations

Adweb Studio shares some recent statistics that show that responsive web design services are a valuable investment for businesses. Having a responsive website really helps drive more sales to potentially grow a business.

Founded in 2012 as a web design agency by CEO Saad Ashraf, ADWEBSTUDIO is a leading name in the Dubai web design and development industry. With over 10 years of experience, they have seen web design technologies evolve over time. Now that mobile has become a necessity, like many other specialist website design companies, they have recognized the importance of responsive web design.

In our high tech world, there has never been a better need to deliver a great online user experience. Because of the increasing use of mobile devices, every company needs a website that works equally well on every device. So what you need is responsive design.

Since responsive web design is one of the latest trends of 2021, ADWEBSTUDIO considers it a valuable investment for business growth. Responsive design simplifies the development process for both desktop and mobile website design and ensures that content is displayed equally on the screens of all devices. At its core, a website is created once and works flawlessly on any screen. It takes care of any extra effort and money that is required for a separate mobile web design.

From this perspective ADWEBSTUDIO shares some recent statistics on responsive web design which also prove that this approach is a valuable investment for all types of businesses.

  • 94% of people rate websites based on responsive web design.

  • 95% of adults interact with social media when there is a responsive website.

  • 53% of users leave a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load.

  • 70% of companies that built a website specifically for mobile devices increased their sales

Aren’t these numbers enough for a responsive website design? ADWEBSTUDIO highlights some other advantages of responsive web design. Check them out below!

  1. Google values ​​responsive design

Although Google first recommended responsive web design in 2012, it still considers it a best practice for mobile-optimized websites. But why? Responsive design enables business people to use a single URL for their desktop and mobile content, making it easier for users to interact.

Additionally, it helps Google find their content more effectively as no page is crawled to recover and index all website content.

  1. Have a lower bounce rate

An unresponsive website can result in a high bounce rate (the number of visitors who leave a website after visiting a page). Experts show that a surprisingly 60% of all internet users today use their mobile phone to access the internet, which emphasizes having the best mobile strategy for websites.

Responsive website design has been shown to reduce bounce rates as the CSS values ​​are constantly changing with different mobile devices.

  1. Stay ahead of the competition

Statistics show that currently almost 80% of websites are optimized to take full advantage of responsive design. That said, more than half of the traffic nowadays comes from mobile devices to websites.

All of this means that all companies have a great chance of getting an edge over the competition by hiring a seasoned web design company and following this new trend. As a result, they can focus on growing their business with less maintenance on the responsive website.

  1. Achieve Maximum Return on Investment (ROI)

All of these benefits have one thing in common – they all result in maximum ROI. If business people don’t have a responsive design, their business is sure to suffer from being unable to compete with competing websites.

However, to get their business going, they should reach more people than their competition. You need to have a strong mobile strategy. A responsive website design ensures that they have a huge audience, which increases their chances of conversion.

To learn more about responsive web design services, visit You know how to use web responsive design to target visitors and get more conversations and sales!

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