Affinity Artistic reinforces ladies’s empowerment message for the Cycles Gladiator wine model


July 16 – MARE ISLAND, CA – Wine Hooligans, a beverage company focused on tirelessly solving puzzles together in Santa Rosa, California, recently hired Affinity Creative Group to design and develop a new digital style and website for Cycles Gladiator Wine.

Inspired by empowering women, Cycles Gladiator derives its name from the Gladiator Company, a 19th century bicycle manufacturer based in Le Pré-Saint-Gervais, France. To honor the spirit of the brand’s figurehead, the iconic woman who flies on her bike, Cycle’s leadership wanted to update the brand’s website design and user experience to reflect the company’s influential wine label and women’s equality too support.

“With the help of the Affinity Creative Group, the Cycles Gladiator brand is celebrating a contemporary wine culture that is unaffected and unadulterated. We believe in women regaining their agency and enjoying that empowerment, and we’re excited to finally make this a priority across Cycle’s overall branding. ”- Adam LaZarre, Cycles Gladiator Founder & Director of Winemaking for Wine Hooligans.

The wine brand owners wanted a complete digital redesign with a strong foundation that would support their creative brand values, both old and new. The Affinity Creative team rose to the challenge and developed a cohesive visual style and digital tone with meaningful messages.

After establishing a solid framework for the brand personality, the Affinity Creative team updated the brand’s logo, typography, and supporting elements while maintaining strong, existing brand values. In doing so, the agency has reinforced the strong theme of the Cycles Gladiator brand – both on and off the site – and effectively promoted a women’s empowering message of self-love, self-confidence and liberation.

The preliminary work on the agency’s branding strategy also influenced and inspired the production of “evergreen” media content for the brand’s digital channels beyond the new Cycles Gladiator website. From a modern take on the typography, colors and textures of Belle Epoque posters to the use of candid, feminine imagery, the new digital assets reflect the iconic cycling maiden’s brand values ​​of sincerity and energy.

A seamless UX rounds off the digital package with convincing lifestyle photography and dynamic video components. All of the elements blend perfectly to inspire wine lovers to join the movement and represent the late 70s brand’s Californian vibe with a confident nod to empowering modern women.

About wine hooligans:

Wine Hooligans was founded in 2013 by Dennis Carroll. With the aim of bringing artisan wines from passionate winemakers to market, Wine Hooligans’ mission is to promote wines of exceptional quality at an affordable price. Visit for more information.

About the Affinity Creative Group:

From our unique creative campus along the historic Officers Row on Mare Island, California, Affinity Creative Group provides branded design, digital media and marketing services for retail activation, particularly in wine, spirits and other luxury categories. For more information about Affinity Creative Group, visit: or call 707.562.2787.

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