AI platform generates 25 million streams for unbiased musicians

Alex Brees, CEO, un: hurd

A former senior Universal Music analyst helped independent artists generate 25 million streams in just one year on their personalized digital platform.

London-based data-driven music marketing company un: hurd says its new app, which hits the market this October, will help more artists and labels find out where their fans are, who they’re interacting with and which playlists they’re pitching to should.

Un: hurd’s algorithms take an artist’s data and then convert it into targeted and practical marketing tips to create impactful campaigns across the social media and streaming landscape.

“Over a million songs are released on Spotify every month, making it difficult for artists to get through the noise,” said CEO Alex Brees.

“Big labels dominate the market by investing millions in their artists, leaving independent artists powerless and overshadowed.

“In addition, the desire to understand and interpret music data has increased enormously over the years. The only problem with this is that there is no context or opportunity for artists to take action once they visualize their data.

“Today there are more artists than ever, but still no proper marketing solution – thousands of distributors, thousands of production tools, but not a single, coherent, easy-to-use marketing tool that uses artist data to make intelligent marketing decisions easier for artists.

“This is where un: hurd comes into play. The app not only offers you visualizations, but also clear, concise and actionable next steps. We have made it our business to empower independent artists.

“By using data and AI, un: hurd offers the most effective and transparent way to promote new music and makes data available and understandable for the masses. This means that we put artists first and level the playing field in an often unfair game. “

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Brees says the platform will also bring tremendous benefits to consumers, DJs, and music lovers.

“While the app is intended for artists and our goal is to transform the music marketing landscape for content creators, it will also benefit consumers,” he said.

“The work we are doing will benefit high quality playlist curators on Spotify which, in addition to the artists, also means a more real music discovery experience for those who want to discover music through playlists. It also means serving ads to consumers who show a real interest in similar artists, genres, and brands – which enables a more engaging and tailored social media experience. “

Over the past year, un: hurd has seen positive business growth, has achieved sales growth of 100% month-over-month since receiving a £ 250,000 investment, and has prominent clients such as Copper Dog Whiskey, Sofar Sounds, D’banj, SAINt JHN, DTG, and Fraser T. Smith to name a few.

User, drummer and DJ McKNasty – who performed on Britain’s Got Talent – said: “un: hurd is the first marketing service I’ve tried that really gets new fans.

“I landed on real Spotify playlists and expanded my artist profile from 0 to 50,000 streams in just eight weeks.”

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