Apple is restoring Parler, which will likely be again on iPhones subsequent week

Parler says it will make its comeback at Apple next week.

Popular with conservatives, the social media app was launched by iPhones and Android devices after the attack on the Capitol on January 6th.

Two lawmakers – Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Congressman Ken Buck (R-Colo) – recently sent a letter to Apple asking for Parler to be reinstated on the App Store.

“We got a response today,” tweeted Buck on Monday. “Parler is being discontinued in the App Store. Huge gain for freedom of speech. “

The letter they received from an Apple lobbyist stated that “extensive discussions with Parler to bring the Parler app into line” and Parler’s commitment to make major changes to the way content is moderated, too Last week’s decision to reauthorize Parler when submitting a new app.

“Parler has and always will be a free and open forum where users can freely exchange ideas in the full spirit of the first amendment to the United States Constitution,” said interim CEO Mark Meckler in a statement that worked to put systems in place better recognize illegal language and allow users to filter content they don’t want, while maintaining our strict prohibition on moderating content based on point of view. “

Heavy chatter caused Apple and Google to pull Parler out of their app stores. Then Amazon, which hosted the Parler site, pulled the plug. Big Tech’s actions sparked cries of politically motivated censorship from conservatives.

In Monday’s letter, Apple said it pulled Parler off the App Store in January because it refused to “cut jobs that promote violence, denigrate various ethnic groups, races and religions, glorify Nazism and violence against certain people demand”.

The company said it stood by that decision. Apple declined to comment.

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Parler was used by supporters of former President Donald Trump to plan and record the attack and called for civil war when Trump asked his supporters to march on the Capitol.

Parler is still available on Android but is not distributed on Google Play. The Android app is also available on Parler’s website.

“As we noted in January, Parler is back in the Play Store as soon as an app has been submitted that meets our guidelines,” said a statement from Google.

Parler has not yet submitted an updated version of its Android app to Google Play.

On Monday, Parler said some posts banned from Apple’s App Store will be visible on the web and Android.

Parler started again in February with Meckler at the top. The company’s former CEO John Matze told USA TODAY that he has been fired from the company’s board of directors.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said earlier this month he hoped to see Parler on the App Store again. “We work hard to bring people into the store, not keep people out of the store.”

At the time, Meckler told Fox News that it wouldn’t take many changes to reinstate Parler. He characterized the changes as “optimizations” to mark illegal content.

He said it had been independently “proven” that Parler was a responsible social media platform and that the vast majority of January 6 planning was elsewhere.

“I am pleased that Apple agrees with us that more social media platforms are better than fewer,” said Meckler.

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