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May 05, 2021

Many older consumers discovered and embraced digital communication and online shopping during the pandemic as the higher risk group avoided stores. However, the onboarding experience wasn’t a walk in the park for many.

A survey Commissioned by Beyond Consultancy last fall, only 42 percent of UK consumers aged 65 and over found their online experience to be straightforward. 13 percent said they were frustrating.

A survey Of adults over 50 who were adopted by AARP last October, the biggest barriers to online technology adoption found its cost, cited by 38 percent. Awareness / lack of knowledge, 37 percent; and privacy concerns, 34 percent.

Many companies tried to redesign their websites as more seniors went online during the pandemic The Wall Street Journal. For many, mild cases of impaired vision or dexterity associated with age affect the online experience.

Suggestions for website upgrades from the diary The article included making fonts larger or using lighter colors to highlight important text. Other tips included making menu items clear at the top of the home page and avoiding unnecessary scrolling or drop-down menus.

Instacart brought to life A senior support service last October that features an online specialist guiding senior customers through their first order. The service also provided tutorials on setting preferred replacement products, chatting with delivery drivers, and changing orders.

One recently Washington Post An article on the rise in Baby Boomers’ online grocery spending noted how Kraft is partnering with retailers to group items online by categories like breakfast or burgers, rather than mimicking traditional supermarket aisles. The packaged food giant is also partnering with creating videos and interactive images that highlight the size and ingredients of a product, as well as setting up one-click options for purchasing add-on items like ketchup.

Elizabeth Bennett, VP of e-commerce at Kraft Heinz, said the post“When you think of a traditional store, I have no control over which entrance you go or which aisles you go. However, when we see who you are as a consumer online, we can make certain articles appear.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Are website redesigns, onboarding tutorials, or other steps necessary and practical to improve the online experience for older Americans? Do you see this market still important to retailers as states begin to lift pandemic restrictions?

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“Clarity of design and ease of navigation are great principles for website design regardless of the age of the target customer.”


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