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Avondale Estates, GA – Fences were put up around the new urban green lot in Avondale Estates last week. The construction work should begin in the next few weeks, said city manager Patrick Bryant.

The city and the development team will meet on Wednesday June 2nd to discuss the details of the project and set a date for the groundbreaking ceremony. Once construction begins, the project will be completed in about 270 days, Bryant said.

The urban green project includes the construction of a four-hectare park and an interim solution that replaces the commercial development. The park will be along Highway 278 / North Avondale Road between Oak Street and Lake Street.

This project has been in the works for years. The city has been working on urban greenery for around five years. The project is a joint venture between the city administration, the city center development authority and the city redevelopment authority.

Avondale Estates passed a master plan downtown in 2014 to convert the four-acre property between Oak Street and Lake Street into a park.

A few years ago the city bought the land that will be the city green. In 2018 Avondale launched an open, public process to determine how best to use the land. “Entry number nine” is the favorite, said DDA chairman Dave Deiters in a post on the DDA website.

The design was based on a concept submitted by local architect Sheri Locke in May 2019. Locke’s design included commercial buildings next to the street and a public green space behind it, Decaturish previously reported.

The original scope of the project included mixed-use commercial development, but Bryant said at the City Commission meeting on Feb.10 that the commercial element was not currently viable. In its place, the developers will create an outdoor green area that can be used, for example, for food trucks or event platforms.

Avondale Estates urban green rendering from the city’s website.

The city reached an agreement in November 2019 and signed a letter of intent with Fabric Developers. Fabric then selected the design and construction companies. In December 2019, the city commission approved a contract with Site Solutions for the completion of the city green.

The Urban Redevelopment Agency approved a contract with Reeves Young for the project construction in May 2021. The base bid was $ 5.7 million, which includes construction of the park, rainwater, construction of a new road and the interim solution. In addition, Reeves Young will add a fountain and more lighting along Lake Street to the park.

City commissioners celebrated the progress of the project at the URA meeting on May 12 after approving the construction contract with Reeves Young.

“I think this may have been the topic of the very first meeting I attended in January 2016 and it’s very humbling and proud to finally get to that point,” said Mayor Pro Tem Brian Fisher at URA. at the 12th meeting, adding that the approval of the contract was the proudest vote he has ever made.

The board members thanked everyone involved in this project, from city officials to former city officials to Second Century Avondale, Fabric Developers, and others.

“It’s a great day and I’m proud to be part of the team that put this together,” said Commissioner Lionel Laratte at the meeting.

The park will help the city move towards a walkable downtown area as set out in Avondale’s downtown master plan. The city green will provide residents and visitors with additional green space and will be a great place for events and festivals, Deiters said in his post.

“We’re excited,” Bryant told Decaturish. “This is a project that has been in the works for many years. It is really transformative and will act as a catalyst for the future development of the inner city. “

There are many new developments in downtown Avondale and the city is also working on other projects, such as the US 278 Street Diet and the Complete Street Project, that will improve the city. But the city cannot rely on these developments to achieve its goal of creating space, said Deiters.

“The Town Green is an important step towards this placemaking goal for ours [commercial business district]“Said Deiters. “All these exciting changes will not only offer our residents a more pleasant and livable city center, but will also significantly increase the corresponding commercial property values ​​and thus diversify and balance our tax balance.”

Mayor Jonathan Elmore said the city and developers have worked hard to get to this point and he also hopes the commercial component will be figured out soon.

“We’re all just looking forward to getting started,” said Elmore. “We are about to adopt a revision of the zoning [code], the [U.S.] 278 project is underway, so these are three pretty big projects. We worked really hard to get here and after all the COVID restrictions, it’s just some really good news that we need now I think for everyone.

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