Behind the video | Publication of the schedule for Falcons 2021

The Atlanta Falcons took a unique and irreverent approach to announcing their release of the schedule for 2021 this year. Now, as one of the most anticipated moments on the NFL calendar, the release of the schedule is not just a moment to build the fan base, but also a cultural moment that goes beyond the simple announcement.

This year, the Falcons’ goal was to set the bar for creating content that would appeal to young and avid viewers as well as next-generation fans. The Hawks took their inspiration from Bleacher Reports Gridiron Heights, a hugely successful short animated parody series that revolves around the NFL and its 32 teams.

The Falcons called the Bleacher Report and the teams worked on producing a special episode of Gridiron Heights. As any sports fanatic knows, healthy rivalries can motivate players and fans alike, and the NFL landscape is ripe for healthy competition between teams, individual players, and fans. Typically the hawks have been weaving “Easter eggs” throughout the episode, so fans will enjoy catching additional playful “thrusts” over all opponents.

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