BLEND360 introduces new search engine optimization options that align with its experience in information science, information engineering and enterprise intelligence

COLOMBIA, Md .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – BLEND360 introduces a new SEO function that has been developed to leverage its extensive expertise in data science, data engineering and business intelligence and to combine it with state-of-the-art SEO functions for corporate brands.

BLEND360 today announced the introduction of its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capability. The new digital marketing practice will reside in their fast growing Data Science Solutions (DSS) business. SEO marks BLEND360’s first investment in digital performance marketing to provide industry-leading digital analytics and digital marketing services to the Fortune 1000 brands worldwide. The SEO capability is led by Adam Audette as SVP, SEO Business Leader, who has experience in the search industry and previously led the global SEO capability for Merkle Dentsu for over seven years.

BLEND360’s new SEO capability is uniquely different from competing solutions by combining its expertise in data science, data engineering and business intelligence (BI) with industry-leading SEO. This SEO function is operated as technology-based advice. BLEND360 SEO focuses on providing search insights using multiple and different sized data sets and creating intent and behavioral insights using search and social query data to inform audience targeting, market opportunities, content creation and product research. These proprietary capabilities enable BLEND360 to deliver audience insights that provide a better foundation for content strategy and performance measurement, so corporate brands can create more relevant customer experiences and grow their products and businesses.

Today’s SEO solutions have loopholes that provide marketing insights by using search data to inform audience behavior, content strategy, market research, and cross-channel performance. The data science-oriented SEO practice of BLEND360 closes this gap. Additionally, BLEND360 SEO uses machine learning and natural language processing to develop more accurate and insightful data models than commonly available in the industry to provide detailed insights into online behavior. Search continues to be one of the best primary data sets for gaining insight into online behavior and user intent. BLEND360 SEO was designed from the ground up to meet these needs.

The data science SEO skill at BLEND360 is led by Adam Audette, an industry veteran. “We are excited about the convergence of data science, business intelligence and SEO,” says Audette. “BLEND360 is a high quality company with industry leading talent, founded by people who have done well in the industry. Our SEO ability arises at the interface of data science, business intelligence and SEO. We believe this is the future of digital marketing and I couldn’t be more excited to join BLEND360 as we set the course. ”

“Today, corporate brands are investing more than ever in the SEO channel,” says Audette, “and yet their needs in areas such as accurate forecasting of SEO investments, opportunity sizing, performance measurement and reporting, targeting intent analysis, are not being met and much stronger Accountability for return on investment. We’re here to meet those needs by leveraging the solid data science skills and technologies under the hood of BLEND360 and our long history of SEO success working with the world’s biggest brands. ”More information here :

About BLEND360

BLEND360 is a leading provider of data science services and talent solutions to Fortune 1000 and industry leaders. BLEND360 is focused on its world-class people who help customers optimize business performance through data, technology and analytics. BLEND360 continues to be one of the fastest growing companies, making Inc. 5,000 each year they are in business. They have over 350 employees with offices in NYC, MD, CO, CA, the Netherlands and India.

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