Boost the chilly chain – Cyberly

Danny Catullo is a third generation butcher based in Cleveland who has been selling beef, poultry and pork online since 2017. After struggling with high shipping prices and limited options, he worked with FedEx. They developed a special box that allowed his products to be shipped across the United States

Just a few years later, Catullo co-founded Perishable Shipping Solutions and offered this service to other business owners as well. Business is booming now.

Blythe Brumleve is hosting Catullo on this episode of Cyberly to discuss his trip along with the NFL design fest in his hometown this week.

That’s not the only sporting item on today’s show. Find out more about the Kentucky Derby and some fun information about how racehorses are transported to and from the major events.

All of this and some niche video marketing ideas that the B2B world can steal from B2C.

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