BSP Authorized Advertising Knowledgeable Viktoria Altman offers highly effective search engine optimisation suggestions within the Soundbite Podcast on Saturday

NEW YORK CITY – SEO expert and CEO of New York law firm BSP Legal Marketing, Viktoria Altman joined Saturday Soundbites podcast host Veronica V. Sopher to discuss successful legal marketing, small business marketing tips, and more.

Former paralegal Viktoria Altman knows how to help lawyers expand their practice, one Google search after another, and shares her tips with Veronica V Sopher, a PR expert.

“Viktoria Altman is one of the few successful women who has taken control of her brand’s online presence and shares her skills, talents and technical know-how with her customers. Listen as she gives tips on how to blow your SEO strategy! ”Shared podcast host Veronica V Sopher on her social media channels.

As a serial entrepreneur, Viktoria rose to the challenge that every small business owner encounters: the need to wear multiple hats, which can be exhausting. While looking for someone to take care of the SEO of her newest businesses, Viktoria struggled to find an expert who understood the job and could deliver top notch service at a reasonable price.

It was at this point that Viktoria decided to master the SEO game herself and eventually founded BSP Legal Marketing, whose mission is to help small and medium-sized law firms become competitive in the vast digital landscape.

“The legal industry is highly competitive. While the large firms often have in-house marketing departments, the small firm or solo practitioner lacks the time or inclination to devote themselves to internet marketing. But in the digital age you will find many of your potential new customers online, ”says Viktoria, who fell in love with the technology and science behind Google’s algorithms.

Viktoria’s approach to legal marketing involves studying her clients’ specific goals and identifying their top competitors. In this way, BSP Legal Marketing can create a blueprint and lay a foundation that is tailored to the needs of potential clients, explains Viktoria.

“Viktoria is tech-savvy and offers expert advice who speaks directly to those in a specific niche to not only be at the top of a Google search but also to take a leading role in the conversation between coworkers,” shares Veronica V Sopher with.

According to Viktoria, marketing law doesn’t have to be complicated, because there are comprehensive SEO solutions for every client’s budget.

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About the Saturday Soundbites Podcast:

Every week, award-winning PR professional Veronica V. Sopher invites her network of field experts, journalists, advertising professionals and super-creatives to talk about public relations, marketing, advertising, earned media, branding and visibility strategies.

About BSP Legal Marketing:

Viktoria Altman and her team of digital experts understand legal marketing, especially for small and medium-sized law firms.

BSP Legal Marketing specializes in personal injury law firm marketing, family law firm marketing, estate planning law firm marketing, criminal defense law firm marketing, and many others. For more information, please visit BSP Legal Marketing’s website, Facebook page, or call (929) 362-6419.


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