Burger King UK below assault for “Girls belong within the kitchen” tweet

Burger King’s attempt to highlight the gender differences in the restaurant industry with a provocative tweet seems to have failed.

On Monday, International Women’s Day, the Burger King UK Twitter account tweeted: “Women belong in the kitchen.”

In a series of subsequent tweets with threads, the fast food giant pointed to the lack of female cooks in the restaurant business.

“If you want, of course,” said a follow-up from Burger King UK. “Still, only 20% of chefs are women. Our mission is to change the gender balance in the restaurant industry by giving women the opportunity to pursue a culinary career.”

The chain then highlighted their new fellowship program for women workers to “make their culinary dreams come true!” But later that day, Burger King UK tweeted an apology before deleting the tweet: “We misunderstood our first tweet and we’re sorry. Our goal was to draw attention to the fact that only 20% of professional Cooks in the UK are kitchens are women and we want to help change that by giving out cooking grants. “

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That first tweet made Twitter users grill the fast food chain. “Please don’t use sexism as clickbait,” wrote user @BeccaBeckery.

Twitter user @snarkgrapefruit raised similar concerns. “There are better ways to get attention to something that isn’t about using the most sexist trope ever.”

Initially, Burger King UK’s account appeared to be defending its campaign in responses to users. When one user described the company’s tweet as “strange”, Burger King UK replied, “We think it’s strange that women make up only 20% of chefs in the UK restaurant industry.”

In its apology tweet, Burger King UK said, “We hear you … we will do better next time.”

The account then also deleted the original tweet, saying, “We have been made aware that the thread contains abusive comments and we do not want to leave the space open for them.”

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