Buyer habits and psychology with Tim Ash

Our job as marketers is to help people make decisions. Before we can hope to influence people’s decisions, however, we need to understand how their brains really work – how people are neurologically wired.

Enter Tim Ash, author of Unleash Your Primal Brain: Demystifying How We Think and Why We Act. Tim is an expert in evolutionary psychology and digital marketing. In this episode of Marketing Smarts, Tim shares his expertise in evolutionary psychology and digital marketing, and focuses his research on tips you can use today to make your marketing more effective.

We’ll talk about how to use the right emotions to take action, why every buying decision is emotional (even in B2B industries), and much more.

Here are just a few of the points we’ll cover:

  • Designing for the rational brain is a mistake.
  • Memories are not accurate; They’re skewed and inaccurate (and that’s important for marketers).
  • Marketers shy away from referring to pain, fear, and loss in their messages, but people are much more focused on that than profit.
  • Understanding the brain plays an important role in marketing techniques.
  • Can people make a decision without emotion?
  • The pandemic has changed human behavior.

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