Children Vitamin & Wellness Manufacturers promote with social media and sturdy content material advertising and marketing for folks

The $ 1.5 trillion global wellness market is showing no signs of slowing. McKinsey & Company predicts annual growth of 5 to 10%. For many families, good nutrition and wellness start at a young age with healthy foods, vitamins, and supplements. The list of brands offering nutritious and health-conscious products grows to include meal sets, subscription vitamin plans, and botanically-based bath and wellness products. As the market grows in popularity, advertisers are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from digital strategies like paid social networks, e-commerce and online promotions that drive more engagement, sales and loyalty.

Yumble and Little Spoon employ paid social campaigns that highlight nutritious, easy-to-prepare kids’ meals

Meal sets grew in popularity during the pandemic and continued to be successful, especially in niche categories. For many busy parents of young children, solid food adoption – and mealtime overall – can be stressful. Many parents want to offer nutritious options while reducing the time it takes to prepare meals and offering something that kids actually enjoy. Meal kit companies Yumble and Little Spoon hope to solve this with low-stress meal kit subscriptions and use paid social media campaigns to raise awareness and encourage experimentation.

Yumble “delivers prepared, balanced and delicious children’s meals” that are tailored to “specific tastes and nutritional needs”, including allergies. According to the brand, “the meals are for children between the ages of twelve months and twelve years.” Yumble has launched a paid social campaign on Instagram that includes a video of an enthusiastic child opening their Yumble box. Video is a popular way for brands to tell stories and generate interest. Yumble also has quizzes on its paid social spots where consumers can share their children’s eating habits and gain insight into which Yumble meals might work best.

Little Spoon, a DTC brand that supplies “fresh organic baby food, kids meals, vitamins and natural remedies,” also uses paid social media content on Instagram. The Little Spoon ads link directly to the brand’s e-commerce platform where consumers can make purchases. Although social media advertising is often associated with peak growth, consumers are increasingly interested in making purchases as a result of social campaigns (or even directly on social channels).

EMarketer predicted that marketers will spend $ 49 billion on social media advertising in 2021. Although the benefits of organic social media, which can be very important in branding and often work in conjunction with paid advertising on social media, are not considered, paid social media enables more effective targeting and can reach more consumers than organic. Paid social advertising is often managed by in-house marketers, but advertisers looking to scale their efforts often hire partners like DMS Performance Ad Market to scale consumer engagement and conversions through paid social advertising.

Tiger Gummies’ seamless e-commerce platform uses content marketing to educate and connect

One of the benefits of e-commerce is easy access to items that need to be reordered, such as vitamins and supplements. E-commerce platforms and seamless shopping such as Tiger Gummies offers consumers make it easy to subscribe or reorder when needed. Tiger Gummies, a vegan gummy bear with 22 essential vitamins and minerals, was developed during the pandemic to “not only strengthen our children, but also do our best to prevent diseases and viruses”, explain the founders Alda K Hjaltalin, Brandon Webb and brand consultant Dr. Bob Adams.

Tiger Gummies uses content marketing on its website with weekly videos of “Ask Dr. Bob ”and a nutrition blog full of family-friendly tips. Tiger Gummies is also a proud partner of One Tree Planted who plants a tree in the Amazon rainforest every time an order for Tiger Gummies is placed. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an effective way to connect with consumer values ​​and can differentiate brands that appeal to like-minded consumers.

Gryph & IvyRose offers content from real people and discounted packages on wellness products for children

Gryph & IvyRose, a company founded by three parents, including supermodel Karolina Kurkova, aims to offer young children “herbal and integrative health products” such as elixirs as well as bath and body products. The brand’s robust website explains the benefits of each ingredient in the products. The Gryph & IvyRose blog features stories and interviews with real people who use Gryph & IvyRose products, as well as advice from beauty and wellness experts. Recently, consumers have become interested in stories of real people using products and services, and brands have responded with advertisements that highlight real-world experiences of people who are not celebrities or paid actors.

Gryph & IvyRose, which sells direct to consumers (DTC) through its e-commerce platform, also offers free shipping and returns and discounted packages to customers who want to try a selection of items. Promotions and simple shopping, shipping, and returns policies can stimulate browsing and nosy consumers, and drive transactions forward.

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