Chris Jenkins: From 12 12 months previous web site developer to profitable entrepreneur

The path to entrepreneurship varies from person to person. Some entrepreneurs are taught, others have a natural talent for it, while for some it is a necessity. For luxury brand owner Chris Jenkins, entrepreneurship was a natural part of his life from a young age.

The 12 year old website developer

“My entrepreneurial journey began when I was 12 years old. My dad was taking an evening course on website design, and when I was working on his courses at home, I sat behind him and watched what he did. “

After watching him for a few weeks, he decided to create his own website and his first real business was born.

Chris shared how his gaming website was rapidly gaining traction, attracting thousands of visitors every day. He began running ads for casinos and other companies who contacted him regarding the placement of these ads. “I remember a time when I was 13 when I came home from school and the house phone rang and my mother called upstairs to say it was for me. It was a casino in Gibraltar that wanted to discuss buying ads. On other days it would be casinos in Israel or media companies in the US. To this day I wonder if these companies knew they were dealing with a 13 year old. “

As time passed and Chris got older, he finally got into the rigors of an everyday 9-5 with the dream of making “big money” as a telephone engineer for a large UK company. Unfortunately, his dream never came true, and neither was his talent.

E-Commerce and Dropshipping Giant

“After a total of 7 years as a telephone engineer, I was fed up with nowhere to go – no more chance to develop myself further, no more recognition of my talent, my future seemed rather bleak.”

He eventually tried to research his desire to become an entrepreneur who moved to Dubai where he worked temporarily in real estate, then dropshipping and website building from Thailand, Bali and Vietnam. His website building days have been successful, but he has really struck gold with ecommerce after being officially introduced to the industry by a friend named David. David had made huge sums of money every day and had financial freedom with the ability to work from anywhere in the world.

“I still couldn’t shake the idea of ​​doing e-commerce after seeing how good David was. He drove around in a new Range Rover, had a warehouse in the UK, and flew regularly between Bali and the UK like he was getting the bus. All of this from e-commerce. “

After trying his hand at ecommerce, Chris found the right formula and has since sold thousands of products worldwide. “To this day I have had the opportunity to continue this lifestyle and spend time in Mexico, Colombia, Australia, Dubai and also my proven favorite in Bali. I’ve sold hundreds of thousands of products around the world and I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to do everything from my laptop wherever I want. “

Birth of Giovvani

After a significant shift in the ecommerce and dropshipping industry, Chris decided in 2020 that it was time to focus on building long-term. This is how Giovvani was born.

“During my travels I needed a pair of casual trainers or trainers but found it incredibly difficult to get something that wasn’t covered by excessive design and branding. This led me to design the shoes by 2020 and develop relationships with suppliers who meet the high quality standards that I have set for the product. “

Giovvani is a luxury sneaker brand with a focus on clean, luxurious and minimalist designed shoes for those with high taste.

“During my e-commerce trip, I’ve always been involved in men’s and women’s fashion. This feeling is therefore a natural further development in my area of ​​experience and also something that I am very enthusiastic about. “

All shoes are handcrafted and thoroughly quality checked to ensure that they meet strict requirements. The brand sells exclusively online through the Giovvani website. This allows them to focus on high quality design and high quality materials. Another benefit of this is that customers can save money because they purchase the shoes directly from the source.

Chris has high hopes and intentions to make Giovvani a successful brand.

“While I still own and operate a few dropshipping businesses, my focus now is on developing Giovvani into a well-known global brand with a reputation for great products.

He encourages other entrepreneurs to build their resilience as they guide business success. “When you start something you are likely to fail and then likely to fail again, but you only really fail when you stop, and you must understand that if you keep moving forward, it is inevitable that you will eventually be successful. The only thing that separates the winners from the losers is who has the strength and stamina to keep going. “

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