Colorado web optimization Firm, Colorado Net Impressions supplies free digital advertising and marketing assist to veterans

America is a great country. There are men and women every day serving, protecting, and preserving America’s freedoms, but that comes at a price. And for an SEO company in Colorado, they want to help them serve us.

Colorado Web Impressions, a Colorado Springs, Colorado company, understands the need to serve those who have served or have served. “Every day I can go to work and serve my community. I can go to church and freely worship God. But I also know that there are people who died for this freedom. The least we can do is serve those who keep America free to live and worship, ”said Chris Heidlebaugh, CEO of Colorado Web Impressions.

When asked why Veterans should help, Chris said, “I have family and friends who have served in various branches of the military. And since we’re based in Colorado Springs, we have a large military community. Many people who have served or have served may also want to start a side business or simply need help with digital marketing as they transition into civilian life. The least we can do is help them get up. “

What Kind of Services Does Colorado Web Impressions Help Veterans With? Mr. Heidlebaugh says: “We offer help with web design, SEO, social media and in many cases just advice. Everyone has a different story and a different need. So let’s just listen to what they’re going through and make a suggestion based on our experience. Lots of people run a small sideline or even blog to share stories about life. We are honored to help veterans because they are so nice and truly incredible individuals. “

If you are a veteran or know a veteran in need of digital marketing help, please contact Chris with your questions and needs. There are no costs, no upsells, no games. Simply honest, free services to those who serve America.

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Founded in 2006, this Christian-focused digital marketing agency helps small businesses in Colorado to thrive online with services such as Colorado SEO, WordPress web design, social media marketing and digital branding. Headed by current owner Chris Heidlebaugh, the Colorado Springs, Colorado company has helped small businesses in nearly 75 different industries across the state of Colorado, North America, and the Cayman Islands. To learn more about Colorado Web Impressions, call them at 719-419-3935 or visit them at

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