Content material Advertising and marketing Ideas To Enhance Your Marketing consultant Model

In terms of the content you create, what are you doing to establish your brand?

Samantha Russell: What I do special is that I make a short video every week. It takes anywhere from two minutes to about five minutes and goes really deep into a topic. This week was about what I call the 80-20 rule on social media. For every thing you post on social media, you should leave comments on at least five other people’s posts.

The way the algorithm works, your content will be included in the feeds of everyone you comment on and also based on the rule of reciprocity. As humans, we are more likely to comment on other people’s posts if they comment on ours. Comments are like currency on social media.

These are the things I help counselors with every week. I’ll create a short video about a super specific strategy like this and then turn it into a long blog post. And then I can turn it into tweets, Facebook posts, and LinkedIn posts.

Sam Rook: This year my main focus is on written blogs and videos. I will create a written blog on a specific topic and then use the videos that appear on LinkedIn and Facebook for business purposes. That is more of a more comprehensive financial plan, a wealth plan [focus] – that’s really what I’m aiming for for the videos. But the written blogs that I have on my website are all very specific topics and a lot more focused [indivudal] Things.

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