Content material Advertising Co. Linkwell Well being and Matrix work collectively

Linkwell Health, the leading healthcare digital content marketing and consumer experience company, and Matrix Clinical Solutions, a Matrix Medical Network® (Matrix) company, are partnering to deliver timely, accurate, and accessible COVID-19 educational content for Matrix Customers to develop the country. Matrix Clinical Solutions helps American employees stay healthy while maintaining business productivity and continuity by developing workplace health solutions including testing, tracking, vaccine delivery, and return to work.

“When the pandemic hit our country, we needed to act quickly to help our customers keep their employees healthy and safe while keeping their businesses operational and productive,” said Dr. Daniel Meltzer, MPH, FACEP, Chief Medical Officer of Clinical Solutions at Matrix Medical Network. “A critical part of this effort is employee engagement and training. We worked on COVID-19 prevention first and are now focused on helping vaccine adoption. Working with Linkwell Health, we can answer frequently asked questions about vaccine safety, effectiveness, and vaccine retention, as well as the vaccination process, so employees can safely participate in vaccination events offered by our customers. “

Together with the clinical guidance from Matrix and the content and dedicated expertise of Linkwell Health, the two organizations have developed COVID-19 content that:

  • Medically correct and easy to understand
  • Relevant to high risk populations, including those living with a chronic condition or part of an immigrant community
  • Accessible to a multicultural and multilingual audience
  • Available in multiple channels including video, print, online and SMS

Like all Linkwell Health Engagement programs, the Vaccine Initiative is based on service journalism that turns clinical information into engaging content that educates, motivates and empowers consumers to take action to improve their health. Educating consumers about quality content builds trust and credibility, and makes it easier to remove barriers to care while minimizing confusion and fear.

To maximize COVID-19 prevention and vaccine education for employees, content has been provided in multiple languages ​​including Spanish, Bosnian, Marshallese, Nepali, Vietnamese and many more.

“All companies, especially in critical industries, face the unprecedented task of educating a diverse and reluctant workforce about the effectiveness and accessibility of vaccines,” said Nathan Adams, chief executive officer and president of Linkwell Health. “High quality, medically correct and engaging content and communications are valuable tools in healthcare, especially during this pandemic. The Matrix Clinical Solutions team is a leader in employer health with COVID-19 reduction strategies and the use of vaccines. We are honored to work with his clinicians to support their important work. “

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