Content material Evaluation Platform Planable introduces picture modifying performance

As collaboration shifts online and remote work becomes more important, teams within the Planable platform have grown from an average of 3.4 members before the pandemic to 5.7 in 2021. As a result, team members at Planable now include new and more diverse roles such as: marketing managers, copywriters, HR professionals, brand reps, and even graphic and video designers, etc. who use the collaboration platform to share the most engaging social media posts and visuals .

To meet the upcoming needs of growing teams using Planable to collaborate, the company introduced special image editing capabilities to help marketing teams plan and collaborate on their brands’ posts and images, grids, and carousels on a single platform.

“We are excited to launch the new image manipulation feature that will help businesses save time and eliminate the endless number of steps to get the image just right. All users have to do is upload the image to the Planable platform and start working together, ”said Nick Gudumac, CTO of Planable.

“If the image isn’t in the right proportion for direct publishing, users can simply crop or resize the image. If they need the logo or text on the visual, they can do it in seconds. Marketers can also use annotations to quickly mark what changes should be made for instant feedback to the design team. All of our available filters and fine-tuning functions help marketers give any image a fresh look before it is published, ”explains Nick Gudumac.

Planable recently made TikTok easier for marketers to use by introducing a new feature for marketers to plan, collaborate, and schedule content for the social media platform. Marketing teams can now work more efficiently on their TikTok videos in Planable and get a clear overview of all of their social media posts on all of the pages they manage. This new feature completes the existing capabilities for creating Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business and YouTube content in Planable.

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