COVID-19 Stay Updates: Louisiana, Florida leads US on instances

Provincetown, Massachusetts mayor said the city was “well on the way to containment” following the outbreak of over 880 COVID-19 cases since July.

Provincetown city manager Alex Morse said in a Facebook post Monday night that the total number of active cases among Provincetown residents had dropped to 59.

Positivity rates have been below 5% for the past three days, according to Morse, up from a high of 15% on July 15.

“The number of people recovering every day far exceeds the number of new cases. We are optimistic that this will continue, ”wrote Morse.

As of Monday, 882 people, including 231 Provincetown residents, have contracted the coronavirus since the cluster cases emerged after the weekend of July 4th.

So far, only seven hospital admissions have been reported related to this cluster, two of which were non-state residents, and those patients have been released, health officials told ABC News. So far, no deaths have been reported from this cluster, Morse wrote.

-Arielle Mitropoulos from ABC News

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