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DUBOIS – DuBois’s Chad Barnard has been making videos and films since childhood when YouTube first launched.

“They were goofy and goofy, but I loved putting shots and pictures together,” said Barnard, noting that informing or conversing with a camera is something he does for his company, CVB Media, which recently became a member of the Greater DuBois Area Chamber announced Des Handels.

Barnard said he was proud to introduce the company’s videography and marketing services to companies in the DuBois area.

“People are increasingly interested in video as a means of getting information, especially on their phones, so I look forward to helping businesses get the most out of it with effective video production in 2021 and beyond,” said Barnard.

Originally from Port Allegany, Barnard moved to DuBois in 2012 to attend DuBois Business College.

“After I finished the film program, I wrote and directed a feature film in Blood On The Leaves that we raised $ 10,000 to produce,” said Barnard. “We finished the film, released it on Amazon Prime, and paid everyone back. This experience definitely put me on my way to starting CVB Media and harmonizing the creative and business aspects of projects. “

CVB Media provides professional videography services across Central PA, including promotional videos, event coverage, and in-house training, safety and orientation videos, with the aim of increasing the digital marketing efforts of local businesses and organizations in a cost-effective manner.

Barnard has been running CVB Media in the Tri-County area since 2017, working on a variety of creative video projects including co-producing DuBois Beaver football live streams, TV commercials, Fire Prevention Week videos for the DuBois Volunteer Fire Department and more recently the Groundhog Day 2021 Virtual Pre Show, which received more than 1 million views online.

“I’ve done many exciting and fun projects for a lot of great clients over the years,” said Barnard. “But I have to say, the most interesting customer I’ve ever had was the seer of the seers himself, Punxsutawney Phil. He and the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club commissioned CVB Media with a 45-minute pre-show special on the virtual Groundhog last winter Day, which contained cinematic film scenes, documentary segments, stage presentations and graphic effects. The project premiered in front of an audience of millions on February 2, ahead of the forecast. Pretty cool!”

Barnard said his favorite part about delivering video services is shooting, filming, and working with companies and people who normally can’t get immersed in creative productions on the set.

“Shooting interviews, staging scenes for commercials, whatever we’re filming, there’s always a smile to be seen everywhere. Shooting on set, whatever the project, is a fun and productive process – definitely my favorite part, ”said Barnard.

As the pandemic continues to highlight the value of video, CVB Media is hoping companies will take advantage of their video production and marketing services. Outside of advertising and promotional projects, CVB Media has also had success with its “in-house” video service, which offers videos for companies to share with their employees, Barnard said.

“A lot of companies have resorted to having their employees work from home and that is becoming normal,” said Barnard. “Orientation, training and even safety videos are more valuable than ever. A coach no longer has to travel far and wide to give a presentation, replacing that with the click of a play button. “

Barnard said he continues to update his manufacturing equipment and services in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

“Regardless of the promotional or informational message, people want to see and hear local businesses on their phones and computers in their free time,” said Barnard. “We even have a teleprompter to help you with this.”

According to Barnard, CVB Media looks forward to continuing to support companies and organizations in the DuBois region.

“Our creative services go beyond video production. Graphic design and website design are also in the wheelhouse,” he said. “As video advertising and virtual events become increasingly important in the modern marketing landscape, Barnard and CVB Media plan to help companies in the DuBois region not only stand out, but also look good where it matters.”

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