Denise Is An Legal professional Who Defends The Rights And Freedoms Of College And Faculty College students

A Title IX lawyer can help you defend yourself against accusations of violence, harassment and discrimination on campus. They can help you file an appeal with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) and the Department of Education, and can also assist in pursuing damages for your losses.

If a student is accused of sexual misconduct or harassment at school, they need to pursue legal action as soon as they can to ensure their rights and future. A Title IX Attorney can help you understand your legal options and help you navigate the procedure with your best interests in mind.

Students and other parties can file a claim for compensation under Title IX at any educational institution that receives government funding. This includes nearly all universities and colleges. The law specifies how schools are required to investigate complaints of gender-based discrimination, and requires that the university examine the evidence submitted by the person who is alleged to have violated the statute.

The investigation can be long and complex, and an accused person could need to appeal a negative decision. Los Angeles Title IX Lawyer Jacksonville can help you defend your rights throughout the entire process.

They can act as a consultant to you during your hearing by reviewing any statements made by accuser or other documents that are reviewed by an investigator. They may also be able to provide evidence and suggest witnesses to back your defense. They can also clarify your situation if you don’t agree with the account of the accuser.

There are numerous advantages to having an Title IX Lawyer present at your hearing. An attorney is not associated with the institution where you are accused of wrongdoing. This gives you security of knowing that you have an impartial advocate for you.

An attorney who has a thorough knowledge of Title IX can also question complainants and other witnesses to obtain information that can be beneficial to your case. This isn’t an easy task, so it is crucial to select an attorney who has the experience necessary to ask the right questions and defend your rights.

Denise is an attorney who defends the rights and freedoms of university and college students. She helps clients respond to Title IX claims or bring them to the attention of schools and universities in Indiana and beyond. She represents her clients in all university and school instances, including investigations and disciplinary hearings. She has also handled criminal cases with allegations of sexual assault by students.

If you require an attorney you can contact the Law Offices of Denise Levy and the firm’s other attorneys who specialize in defending against sexual harassment and assault at universities and schools.

Denise has represented clients in a wide variety of Title IX investigations and disciplinary hearings at universities, colleges and other private and public educational institutions across the nation. She has handled numerous instances where the respondent was accused of harassment or sexual assault and has successfully defended those cases in federal and state court.

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