Digital Advertising and marketing Packages Supplied To The Retail Group …

Agents joining one of the industry’s major trading organizations are offered exclusive digital marketing packages from Starberry.

The Guild of Property Professionals members are offered packages that focus on driving leads and improving brand visibility, and are designed for scalability to ensure agents get the best ROI as their business grows.

Iain McKenzie, CEO of The Guild of Property Professionals, said, “Digital marketing and an online presence are becoming increasingly important in real estate agents today. The pandemic was a catalyst for change in the industry and agents had to adjust their marketing strategy to grow with their customers’ needs.

“A digital presence is essential and websites have become the new showcase for real estate agents and more emphasis has been placed on having a strong digital presence that helps agents do business in today’s digital marketplace.”

He adds that Starberry’s decentralized constellation of talented creative tech gurus have worked closely with clients for over 20 years to create exceptional real estate brands, targeted KPI-driven digital marketing strategies, and bespoke corporate-level websites with excellent ROI.

“Having a company like Starberry in the group means Guild members have exclusive access to specially crafted digital marketing packages from an award-winning global digital agency at a discounted rate.

“Starberry’s digital marketing services will help members generate hot leads by leveraging all digital channels, with highly creative campaigns and intelligent, detailed reports,” said McKenzie.

He notes that depending on the agents’ budget and digital marketing needs, three levels of digital packages will be available.

The starter pack is intended for agents who are just getting started in digital marketing and who mainly focus on local SEO, paid Google search and reporting.

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In addition to everything in the Starter Pack, the Growth Pack is a more advanced digital marketing offering for agents looking for accelerated growth. It is designed to enable a true multichannel digital marketing campaign with improved results through the use of social media, video marketing and more advanced SEO techniques.

Finally, the Ultimate Package is a comprehensive digital marketing offering for agents with greater ambitions. It is an advanced version of the growth package that optimizes and leverages each digital channel to work hard for your business while taking advantage of the full power of content marketing through the additional use of email marketing and blogging.

McKenzie adds that there will be digital marketing add-ons that include elements like OnPage and Technical SEO as well as organic social media as each agency has specific needs.

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