Dive into Omnichannel Advertising: Maverick of Advertising

Omnichannel marketing is essential for marketers. It ensures that a company does not push its marketing efforts into one channel, but rather expands into different areas.

On this episode of Maverick of Marketing, host Shannon Maverick spoke to Eric Johannes, director of corporate marketing at IC Systems, a debtor management company and one of the largest debt collection companies in North America. The duo talked about omnichannel marketing, Johannes’ career and how he became a vlogger when he was six.

Johannes was on family vacation in Florida when he got the chance to borrow a video camera from his grandfather, who always had the latest and greatest tech toys. The VHS camera was large and sat on his shoulder, and despite its size, he was happy to get some pictures of his family’s vacation. The first morning he woke up early and did a show called Breakfast With Eric, in which he showed the audience how to make an omelette.

“At that moment I knew that video was my thing and I never looked back,” said Johannes.

Through video, he started out as a specialist in marketing. He expanded his skills in this field. He understood that video is a powerful way to get a message out in front of people. However, marketing involves both a creative and an analytical mind.

“There are so many more things to be a good marketer than just one of those tools, so it was quite an evolution,” Johannes said when he learned that he couldn’t just be a master of video. “There is no longer a silver bullet, and as soon as you think ‘this channel or this tool or this method is bulletproof’ … boom, that changes.”

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