Do I would like a mentor: Desmond will quickly be interviewing search engine optimization company proprietor Johnny Chen about how he discovered his mentor

Desmond Soon, a Vancouver, BC-based corporate consultant and coach, interviewed Johnny Chen, owner of SEO agency JC Media, about how he realized he needed a mentor and how to find one and gain power. Desmond Soon is the right hand man of Dan Lok, a business mentor and self-made millionaire.

In his role as Executive Director of Business Development for Dan Lok Companies, Desmond Soon had trained more than 7,000 closers from more than 150 countries since the summer of 2017. These people later made over $ 34.2 billion in combined sales for various corporate and personality brands such as Ikea, RBC Royal Bank, Joel Bauer, Equinox Fitness Clubs, and more.

In his role as Executive Director of Business Development, he led teams for, and Dragon 100. He has led many strategic alliances while helping numerous companies or business owners run their business by applying predictable revenue models while the Services used by remote sales professionals or copywriters for marketing. He is currently Senior Advisor for Business Development at Dan Lok.

A video on Desmond’s YouTube channel is titled “Do I Need a Mentor: How Johnny Chen Found His Mentor and the Power of Clarity He Got”. In this video, Desmond Soon interviews Johnny Chen to show that all businesses and entrepreneurs, even if they have different types of businesses, can benefit from a mentor.

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Johnny Chen had a difficult childhood, particularly when his parents separated and his father left to work in factories in the United States. Instead of getting angry with his father, he realized that it took a lot of courage to do what he was doing, and he saw this as an important lesson in life. While he excelled in his studies in high school, it was different when he got into college. He started to take it easy and went to parties. Nevertheless, he learned a lot about people during his student days and developed the conviction that there is no particular recipe for success.

After college, he found it difficult to keep a job because it turned out he didn’t like being restricted by rules, and so he was fired several times. He later worked as a waiter in a sushi restaurant where he actually gained some knowledge of human beings by meeting different types of people. He later got into the SEO business after taking several online courses, but it continued to stagnate because he was doing the business on his own and we are often just spurring it on. He later realized that he needed a mentor to guide him or it would take too much time and energy to find the right one.

Johnny Chen, owner of the SEO firm Johnny Chen Media Houston, found his mentor by becoming a member of an exclusive, private-only mastermind for serious entrepreneurs. Through this membership he learned best practices, speed, strategies and clarity and received mentorship on how to become a successful millionaire business leader. The result was his business grew from $ 15,000 per month to over $ 90,000 per month.

Johnny Chen is also a member of Dan Lok’s Dragon 100. This is the most exclusive advisory board in the world, designed to help respected entrepreneurs who aim to reach more than $ 10 million in record time. Dan Lok founded Dragon 100 after realizing that entrepreneurs don’t have to do it alone, as he did when he was a serial entrepreneur of more than 17 different companies. Dragon 100 is not your typical loosely structured mastermind or a peer-to-peer network. Instead, he founded the world’s most exclusive advisory board for CEOs and company founders who want to get $ 10 million in sales as soon as possible.

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