Dubai, the paradise for content material creators

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Dubai has become a haven for film and video content makers around the world.
The land is the breeding ground for fresh content. The creation of digital content plays the central role in the marketing strategies that prevail in the current advertising scenario. So the different features of the city make it the perfect hub for content creators around the world. Continue reading.

Consistent demand for unique content

According to studies, video marketing produces the most conversions and audiences are much more likely to connect with and share compared to other means of content marketing.

Video content accentuates brand awareness and helps create the connection between the brand and its audience. Due to the coexistence of different communities and their requirements, there is an ongoing demand for creative video marketing strategies in Dubai. The country’s filmmaking brotherhood is geared towards the demands and needs of the people and produces a variety of high quality content.

Largest population of social media users

The region is the fastest growing region in the world for business and the average time spent on social media and other entertainment is above the global average. Dubai has built a promising reputation as a one-stop shop for content creators. Brands in Dubai are capitalizing on this aspect by bringing in unique campaigns and video marketing strategies and partnering with talent around the world.

The format the video production is tailored to plays a crucial role in optimizing reach.

Social media has proven to be the most powerful medium for connecting with audiences. The medium is particularly aimed at data-driven marketers. It is intended to track, measure, and monetize the audience’s interaction with the video content in the most effective way possible.

Researchers show that the average internet user spends 85% more time on a website or social media platform that contains video content. The videos produced are tailored to the respective platforms in terms of duration, image size, aspect ratio and style. The availability of enormous content in the pool drives the makers in Dubai to pursue creative content that stands out from others and speaks for itself.

Lockdown after the pandemic

Dubai stays one step ahead of its game by being one of the few countries to open the gate for post-pandemic filmmakers and content makers, and provide them with the permission and support to create unique content. The country is home to a large number of travel bloggers, social media influencers, actors and filmmakers from around the world, expanding the possibilities of filmmaking in Dubai.

Convenience of execution

The convenience of the filming, the easy availability of high-end equipment, the accessibility to the locations, world-class studios and the support of the leading support of the authorities and the public have all contributed to the makers preferring Dubai for their work.

Large selection

Dubai offers incredible opportunities and a wide range of entertainment and content creation potential. Content creators get inspiration by gliding over the local water channels, cruising the railroad tracks, and capturing the essence of the culture.

The country’s wide range of art and leisure opportunities adds to its ardent recommendation. These include picturesque desert dunes, quiet mountains, captivating city life, the diverse and wide selection of culinary cuisines and numerous other offers that help tourists and residents alike to relax and unwind.

Ideal conditions for optimal content distribution Strategies for content distribution play just as important a role as their creation. Effective marketing strategies value the optimal reach of the content.

The idea is to address the needs and requirements of the target audience and reach them on a broader level. Dubai’s leading video production company, The Company Films, has worked with the country houses’ diverse talent pool and with talent around the world to produce unique content that has put the country’s entire film scene on the world map.

For this reason, the brands prefer to work with film production companies, animation studios and video production companies in Dubai, as they open up the broad possibilities of optimal delivery of the produced content and increase brand awareness.

At the core

In a world of over-saturated film stories, repetitive commercials, and music video content, films made in Dubai are in a class of their own. It is the ideal breeding ground for content creators with its wide horizon of possibilities, ease of execution and inviting nature. This leads to the irrefutable conclusion that Dubai continues to be the hotbed for video production and content creators and that it is the “Hollywood” of the world Middle Eastern power with fresh, promising and top notch content.

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