EA confirms it will not be including video advertisements to its video games in any case – recreation information

There has been a lot of controversy over the past week regarding certain game developers planning to work with a new advertising platform called playerWON to incorporate full TV-style video advertising into their games on consoles. It plans to deliver video ads for PC and console games, and EA was one company looking to partner with the new platform. This is something EA has now completely denied.

“Following false reports suggesting that we would like to incorporate TV-style commercials into our games, we wanted to make it clear that we are not currently reviewing in-game advertising for console games or signing agreements to implement them,” confirmed an EA – Spokesperson: “Creating the best possible gaming experience remains our primary goal.”

Although EA has apparently decided to distance itself from the drama, other game companies, including Hi-Rez, haven’t issued any denials. In fact, a pilot of the technology has already been run in Smite, and according to the company behind playerWON, Simulmedia, the players in the pilot were “much more likely” to play the game and spend money in it if they were able to unlock special benefits in exchange for watching Advertising.

This concept is not new in the field of mobile games, but it would be a first on PC and console platforms. The concept is for players to unlock specific items or features in a game in exchange for viewing the ads, and is aimed at the 18- to 34-year-old audience who appear to be “hard to reach” when it comes to video marketing.

This platform is also seen as a way to further monetize free-to-play games, 90% of which players don’t spend money on in-game items. The company is aiming to run ads in “about a dozen” games by the end of the year, a depressing thought. We will definitely keep an eye on the situation and report back as soon as we learn more.

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