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Police optimized search engines the day after five were arrested on Wednesday for running several fake Mayapri and Niroti e-commerce websites to deceive more than 10,000 unprotected shoppers from across the country. SEO) said he used the technology. To increase search engine traffic to their website – to seduce their victims.

According to the police, suspects (mastermind Vijay Arora (37) and his aides Manmeet Singh (29), Avter Singh (32), Large Kumar (30), Pradeep Kumar (32)) are behind more than 60 such fake-it-commerce. Website used to fool around on victims £2.5 billion rupees in the past 3 years.

After completing the hotel management course, police said Arora worked at a five-star hotel in Lucknow in 2014 and started a courier company a year later.

In 2019, he started creating a fake e-commerce website that sold items like clothing and electronics at one-way prices but rarely sold products. He initially helped perform the operation on Manmeet, Avtar and Rajkumar. He later roped up to see Pradeep, an engineer who recently graduated from Karnataka, and used SEO technology to help drive more traffic to his website.

Anyesh Roy, Assistant Police Secretary (Cybercell) explained the technique, saying: £If a website is selling the same item at a discount of up to 60% in 4,000 markets, people will buy the item without verifying the authenticity of the website. The customer paid online because there was no payment option at the time of delivery. “

According to the DCP, less than 10% of consumers complain through consumer forums. “Several people contacted us and then we formed a team to investigate. All of these complaints resulted in the same people. They were after we got the hint. “I got caught,” said Anyesh Roy of DCP (Cyber ​​Cell).

The police have deceived more than 10,000 customers in the past three years.

“In handling complaints, many people said that cheap items were wrongly delivered and not the luxury items they ordered,” said a senior police officer.

Police also said they used the pandemic to scam many people who tried to buy digital devices. Officials said there were some complaints that victims were promised high-end tabs near them. £It’s 4,000, but you won’t get it.

Ecommerce Fraud Investigation Reveals 60 Websites Using SEO Tools 5 held | Latest Delhi News

Source Link Ecommerce Fraud Investigation Reveals 60 Websites Using SEO Tools. 5 held | Latest Delhi News

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