Editor’s notice: Change for you

The world of food and consumables is changing rapidly, as is progressive grocers. As a leading brand in the market, we take our responsibility to inform, inspire and educate seriously. And just as leading companies in our industry change, re-introduce and disrupt their business activities, so are we.

An important path will take place on Friday March 5th and will affect our website. Our website is a key element in delivering our “Before What’s Next” value proposition. Hence, we regularly look for ways to take advantage of the latest technological developments and design thinking to make it easier for audiences to use our content in all its forms.

This philosophy is evident in the redesign ProgressiveGrocer.com. This premium digital experience is designed for those who are passionate about grocery retailing. Our readers deserve the best, so we’ve applied the latest in website design and functionality considerations to create a website that performed very well in our market tests.

For our loyal readers who have become familiar with the configuration of our website, we know that there will be an adjustment phase. Please be patient and we are confident that over time you will love the improved readability, intuitive functions and mobile-friendly design.

Thank you for trusting us on behalf of the entire Progressive Grocer team. It is an honor to serve a special industry that is essential to the social fabric of the nation.

(PS: The Progressive Grocer editors would love to hear your thoughts on the design or any other suggestions for improvement.)

Mike Troy, Editorial Director, Progressive Grocer
[email protected]

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