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As the Access Law Group nears its 20th anniversary next year, they found that the law firm had seen significant growth.

They also realized that while the company broadly respected the legacy of the practice, it had begun to develop its own image.

“As business owners, we wanted to align our personal values ​​with those of our employees and customers,” said director James Welch. “With the changes, months of work began, which began in October 2019. We worked with external consultants and internally with our employees.

“When COVID was effectively rolled out last March, the program was put on hold. In the months following the lockdown, we worked carefully with our staff to investigate issues around our culture and values ​​that were hardwired by the COVID experience .

“We worked with a team of consultants and explored branding initiatives that align with these values ​​(specifically, improving what is already an enjoyable workspace).”

As a result of the changes, the Access Law Group has taken 150 meters of additional space that they have turned into a work area to incorporate cutting-edge technology, a collaboration area for employees and customers in their meeting rooms, and what they believe is a design, that compliments the natural light that falls into the office and makes working in the room so much better.

“Not only have we renamed ourselves, we’ve also worked extensively with Alex Taylor, our external consultant, to create a website that is far more interactive and provides better information and guidance to our existing and prospective customers,” said James.

“It picks up strong visual themes that complement our values ​​and draws on images of the region in particular.

“We will begin the rebranding this afternoon, May 27th, with our employees and customers. Our existing and future customers will experience strong agility in terms of our improved service delivery as well as our connectivity to customers and our community.”

The firm will continue to provide a broad base of legal services for its core areas – services to individuals, businesses and families.

The new website gives users direct access through three portals to view the wide range of services offered across the board.

“We will continue to be advised by accredited business law and commercial bankruptcy specialists while we have teams working in family law and, more generally, in areas such as estate planning and real estate law,” said James.

The firm remains one of the most specialized law firms in the NSW region in terms of providing services. The lawyers have special skills.

The company has strong leadership and leadership led by Practice Manager Narelle Hawken who has worked tirelessly to support and lead the implementation of the rebranding, website design, and onerous project that the office physically opened up to mid-year The CBD was expanded by 500 square meters.

“This has been an incredible undertaking. Customers can expect and experience a warm and friendly atmosphere in a comfortable environment where they can work with exceptional professionals,” said Narelle.

“We believe this will set the firm apart from all other legal practices in the Illawarra and we will continue to offer our specialized areas of expertise that make a real difference to our clients.”

Please visit accesslawgroup.com.au for more information

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