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Their data also shows that Facebook advertisers are almost identical to those of television networks NBC and Fox, with Facebook lagging slightly behind television networks from Q1 to Q3 2020. And now that they’re breaking into television, it looks like Facebook is targeting audio next – including podcasting hubs like Apple.

“To compete with Apple Podcasting and Clubhouse, Facebook is developing a number of new audio products,” said Todd Krizelman, CEO and co-founder of MediaRadar. “Our analysis found that in the first quarter of 2021, the top 10 podcast advertisers that overlapped on Facebook represented 15% of all podcast ad spend. And the correlating spend on Facebook was less than 1% of the first quarter spend. ”

Meanwhile, data from App Annie shows that even as more people return to the offices full-time, users’ mobile usage doesn’t wane. During the pandemic, the amount of time consumers spent using mobile devices increased; For the fifth straight quarter, App Annie researchers found that mobile games crossed the billion mark for monthly downloads, with game spend remaining steady at about $ 1.7 billion (weekly), up 35% from the numbers from 2019 corresponds.

Other interesting results from App Annie’s Q2 Worldwide Market Index Report include:

• They spend 30% of their time on business apps like Zoom and Google Meet
• 132% more time spent on travel / navigation apps (US market)
• Increase of 24% (year) in food / beverage apps (monthly); Food / beverage app usage increased 119% compared to 2019

Further App Annie data can be found here.

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