Fb presents tips about the way to successfully measure model efficiency within the newest social expertise movies

Facebook has released the latest installment in its new “Social Skills” series, which is designed to provide expert insights and tips to help social media marketers improve their approach and maximize their results.

The latest episode features Katie Marylander, the director of global social marketing for GoPro. Marylander manages the social strategy for the brand, which includes monitoring more than 70 regional customers and a large global audience.


Marylander offers three key tips for an effective strategic approach to social media:

1. Maintain a regular posting schedule

According to Marylander, a key element of the GoPro approach was consistency:

“Publishing with a regular cadence can help your community stay really engaged. This helps the algorithm keep your content updated on the feeds. And the more you look at it, the more often it is at the top of your list. “

This underscores the importance of a documented, organized approach to social media marketing that includes researching your audience, establishing the brand voice, showing your content schedule on a calendar, and sticking to a schedule.

It was probably also about not getting discouraged. You can’t expect an instant spate of engagements. However, if you stick to a documented content plan for a defined period of time, you can measure your results against the previous timeframe to get a clear picture of your efforts, the way you work and the benefits you have for your brand.

2. Set clear goals

Another element of an effective social strategy is to focus your efforts on a defined goal against which you can then measure your performance metrics.

Sure, getting lots of likes might feel good, but does it drive traffic to your website? Posting memes could mean you have more reach – but does that help you sell your products?

Defining these elements is key to maximizing the key performance metrics that are most relevant to your brand and understanding the best approaches to getting there.

Marylander notes that UGC plays a huge role in the GoPro approach.

“At GoPro, UGC is driving our strategy forward. This is where most of our content comes from and can be anything that a user authentically captures, that we did not pay for or produce ourselves. Our followers can simply take our product and capture the content they want. “

When customers post about your business, you can build a relationship with them by requesting permission to republish their content. This can help build brand loyalty and showcase your products through real people in the real world to strengthen those connections.

3. Understand the implications of different approaches

GoPro also tries to measure each content type based on interactions rather than taking a blanket approach to engagement across all formats.

For example, still image posts may get more comments, while videos get more views.

“We have the theory that you get an action from a consumer. So the one action could be a view, it could be a comment, it could be a type. If you post a video and say, “I only have 50 likes,” you might have 500 views and we’re still going to count that because that counts as the action they took on you. “

The approach highlights the importance of understanding how your target audience is responding and what that response means, and digging deeper into the binary metrics to get a clearer view of how each element interacts and relate to your broader strategic Approach connects.

From a broader perspective, you can measure how each of these elements contribute to your end goals by creating your own metrics to assess their impact on your KPIs.

Facebook’s Social Skills videos are worth a look – even if you are a seasoned social media manager, there are likely some reminders and pointers worth including in your approach.

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