Fb provides new insights into the important thing parts of efficient video content material

As you have undoubtedly read from many reports and many experts, video is an important element of modern digital marketing approaches as more and more people are engaging with video content and looking for it as both a form of entertainment and product research.

But simply creating and uploading video content is not enough – your videos must also be engaging and creative, grabbing audience attention and getting people’s attention to maximize response.

And that is a far more difficult consideration. How do you create more compelling video clips and what are the key elements to consider in your video approach?

To get more insights in this regard, Facebook recently partnered with marketing measurement company Analytic Partners and insights agency The Lab to conduct a new study on effective video approaches and how marketers can create video content that generates greater throughput and that Audience maximize response.

You can download the full 16-page report here, but in this post we’ll take a look at some of the key notes and notices.

First of all, the report points to the increasing ROI potential of video content, which now leads to a significantly better response than static image contributions.

According to the report:

“For some time now, Analytic Partners research has shown the very high short-term return on investment (ROI) of most digital activities. We have also observed the very high long-term ROI of video – regardless of the screen it’s on.” Historically, social media has been a key factor in increasing short-term ROI, but the environment is changing rapidly. For a long time, social media feeds were mostly filled with static images. Today, however, video activity is on the rise, for example on Facebook. . “

The increased use of video has resulted in higher long-term value for such content – but still, not all videos are created equal, with some getting a lot of resonance and others failing.

So what are the key elements that lead to improved video marketing performance?

In the broadest sense, the report finds that creative is the most important factor, while elements of execution (ad scheduling, targeting, etc.) play a far less important role.

Facebook video report

But of course that’s a pretty broad element – how do you define best practice creative within that definition?

To do this, the team at The Lab formulated a new measurement scorecard to assess various in-video elements based on their relative performance.

“The Effectiveness Scorecard can help advertisers optimize the most basic components of online video to get results. The framework has been used both to develop creatives from the ground up and to optimize existing creatives for success in an online format There are 11 best practice principles in the framework. “

The first seven core elements of the framework relate to the essential elements that should be included in all video creatives.

Facebook video report

However, the additional four are highly recommended and can also help increase performance.

Facebook video report

The full guide includes more detailed pointers and explanations on each aspect, as well as case studies that highlight how these elements have been put into practice and have contributed to significant outcomes for brands.

And while it’s difficult to break down creatives into a prescriptive process, the actions listed here provide some specific planning points for your video approach that are research-based and will improve your content performance.

At the very least, they are definitely worth considering – you can download the full Creating Online Video That Cuts Through report here.

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