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Astrology is a window to the divine information of human affairs and terrestrial activity. The theory is if someone can accurately observe the movements and positions of celestial bodies, they can effectively predict the impact as well.

If you are looking for someone to predict your future, an astrologer is the answer. But, finding a good astrologer is more difficult than it sounds. You might look for one on the internet, but most horoscope sites offer wildly inaccurate, or sometimes straight out false, astrological readings just to get your money.

But, you do not need to worry about that. We have compiled a list of the best astrology sites on the internet that are bound to get you the answers you are looking for.

Best Psychic Reading Sites For Astrology

  1. Kasamba – Best Platform for Online Astrology, Free for 3 mins
  2. Keen – One of the Most Trusted Sites for Astrology
  3. AskNow – Best for Career-Related Questions
  4. Oranum – Best Live Video Reading Platform
  5. Mysticsense – Best for Informative Purposes

#1. Kasamba – Best Platform for Free Online Astrology

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With thousands of positive reviews, tons of unique features, and an impeccable reputation, Kasamba proved to be the best astrology site on the internet. It was created in 1999 to provide astrology and many other kinds of services with extreme accuracy and ease.


Kasamba’s score was off the charts when we tested it for its accuracy and reliability. But, it was not only for us, as thousands of other user reviews make it evident it is the most reliable platform around.

  • Astrology readings through chat, phone, email, and app

Kasamba has a wide range of options you can use to get your astrology reading done. So, when it comes to communication, there is definitely nothing more you can ask for.

It is always risky to share your personal information — like your name, date of birth, location, etc. — on the internet. But, that is not a concern with Kasamba. All of the astrologers on this site are vetted thoroughly before they join it, so your information is safe with them.

Despite having so many great features, Kasamba offers remarkably low per-minute rates with astrologers. You can get your astrological chart read at rates as low as $1 per minute.

  • Full refund if you are not satisfied

Another one of Kasamba’s features we really liked was its 100% refund policy if a client does not find their reading satisfactory. All you need to do is contact their customer support, and they will refund your money, no questions asked.

  • Services other than astrology

Kasamba has many other services besides some free astrology services and free daily horoscope. You can find tarot reading, fortune telling, dream analysis, career forecast, and psychic reading services all from knowledgeable and experienced experts on Kasamba.

As mentioned above, the customer service on Kasamba is very impressive. They go above and beyond trying to help you, no matter what your issue is. We found during our testing that customer service is a priority at Kasamba.

  • Plenty of readers to choose from

Because it has been around for a very long time, Kasamba has gathered an impressive network of psychics. You will find astrologers and readers with finesse in all types of astrological readings, not just Western.


  • Free three minutes with any astrologer as a trial
  • New users get a 70% discount
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Readings through chat, email, phone calls, and apps
  • Detailed astrologer profiles
  • Accurate and reliable
  • User-friendly website and app
  • Android and iOS apps available


  • Does not offer readings through video chat
  • Search feature would be better with more filters

Why We Recommend This Website

We found Kasamba to be the most reviewed and liked astrology platform on our radar. It outdid pretty much every other site when it came to astrology readings and other services offered by it.

Given the reasonable prices, a wide range of astrologers, and loads of other features, Kasamba is definitely worth its salt in terms of astrology reading.

⇒Visit the official website of Kasamba for more information

#2. Keen – One of the Most Trusted Sites for Astrology

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Keen comes very close to Kasamba in terms of astrology services. It has been in the astrology industry for as long as Kasamba, and, consequently, has pretty much all of the good qualities of Kasamba.

We found Keen’s clientele to be a very big one, with thousands of positive reviews about its accuracy and customer support. We checked out the platform for ourselves, and these are the features we found on it.


Let us begin with a unique feature that is exclusive to Keen — an astrologer matching system. Unlike with other astrology platforms, you will not have to go through dozens of astrologer profiles in order to find a reader.

Another thing we liked about Keen is the platform’s sleek and user-friendly design. Both its website and apps look modern and innovative, with all of the features easily accessible through them.

Keen makes sure the astrologers and other experts on its site are 100% legitimate and qualified in their fields. To ensure that, anyone signing up as a service provider on Keen has to pass through the verification process.

The platform has one of the most affordable rates among our selection of astrology and horoscope sites. Apart from the initial three minutes being free for new users, it also offers a promotional discount of ten minutes for $1.99. Afterward, you can get rates that range from $1 to $20+ per minute.

  • Round-the-clock availability

Keen has a large network of astrologers. But, besides having a large pool of readers to choose from, it also means you can get a reading at any given minute of the day, regardless of what day of the year it is.

Keen is quite famous when it comes to accuracy in astrological readings. The site boasts the highest number of positive reviews relating to accuracy. During our testing, we found this to really be the case.

All of the good features of Keen are topped off with its satisfaction coverage. When you enter into a reading session with an astrologer, you are covered with a 100% money-back guarantee in case you did not get what you were looking for.


  • Promo offer of ten minutes for $1.99
  • Cheap prices
  • Accurate readings
  • Detailed astrologer profiles
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Reliable customer support
  • More than 1700 experts on the platform
  • Mobile apps
  • Offers astrological services 24/7
  • Secure and anonymous
  • Advanced search filters


  • Can only use phone, chat, email, or apps to get a reading — no video readings
  • Some of the readers have slightly more expensive per-minute rates

Why We Recommend This Website

We really liked the accuracy and low pricing options of Keen during our usage. Another thing we found really helpful was its matching option that finds you a suitable reader within minutes.

Overall, Keen offered an unparalleled experience during our search for the best astrology platforms. The total score of this platform was only a little lower than Kasamba, so it made it to our second rank.

⇒Visit the official website of Keen for more information

#3. AskNow – Best for Career-Related Questions

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AskNow is an astrology platform that was created in 1989 by astrologers and psychics. It is perhaps one of the oldest astrology sites you will come across on the internet. But, do not worry, as it is not outdated.

We used AskNow during our testing and found it to be a very good option among astrology sites. The site is reliable and accurate, has a lot of positive reviews, and comes with plenty of features to make your astrology reading experience a breeze.


  • Oldest and most trusted in the U.S.

AskNow is one of the oldest astrology sites you will find on the internet. It started as a phone astrology service in the U.S. and has grown into a full-blown astrology site that is still the go-to platform for U.S. clients.

  • Five free minutes with refund coverage

The initial free minutes on AskNow are fully covered with a refund policy. So, if your trial does not go as expected, you can get another one free of cost. However, AskNow does not have a money-back guarantee on additional minutes.

  • Detailed astrologer profiles

AskNow has one of the most detailed profiles for its astrologers and other experts. Apart from the general info about a reader, you can also read their reviews and specialties right on the profile.

  • User discretion is a priority

Since AskNow is based in the U.S., you can be sure of its privacy policies and user discretion practices. All of the information you share on this platform remains safe and secure without ever leaving the site or getting in the hands of any third parties.

  • Frequent tests for readers to ensure quality

The astrologers on AskNow are tested quite regularly to make sure they remain at their best, with no compromise on the client’s end. We found any reader failing to maintain a four-star rating on this platform was removed from it.

The sessions on AskNow do not cost you a fortune, with average per-minute rates starting at $1 per minute. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, then going for AskNow will not be a bad decision.

  • Features Spanish-speaking astrologers

Although only a portion of the astrologers on AskNow offer readings in Spanish, the number is still considerably large. Couple it with the fact these are experts with years of experience, and you will find AskNow to be your go-to platform if you are looking for astrology services in Spanish.

  • Services other than astrology

AskNow is not only famous for its astrology services, but you can also find tarot readings, dream analysis, psychic readings, and mentoring services in all of these fields on the site. Whatever you are looking for, AskNow has it.


  • Five free minutes for new users
  • Affordable prices averaging $1 per minute
  • Regular promotional and discount offers
  • Astrologers are tested regularly
  • Has been in the astrology industry since 1989
  • Astrologers keep a 4+ star rating on their profiles
  • Mobile apps and websites are very user-friendly


  • Refund only covers initial trial minutes
  • Only a few Spanish readers
  • Not all astrologers offer services through chat (AskNow is more famous for its phone call readings)

Why We Recommend This Website

AskNow has been in the astrology industry for more than three decades. Throughout this period, it has maintained a remarkable reputation and has catered to millions of clients.

All of the astrologers on AskNow are some of the most seasoned readers you will find, with decades’ worth of experience in the field. Those, and the pricing options and strict standards of this platform, make it an easy recommendation when it comes to astrology sites.

⇒Visit the official website of AskNow for more information

#4. Oranum – Best Live Video Reading Platform

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Oranum is a very advanced astrology platform. We found all of the qualities of a good astrology site present on this platform. But, it does not only have unique and advanced features, it also has a large number of satisfied users.

The reviews for Oranum were very positive, the features on the platform quite innovative, and our overall user experience was satisfactory. Let us give you a brief look at its features.


One of the first things you will notice about Oranum is its website and mobile apps have a very beautiful and modern design. Both are very easy to use, and there are not any complicated or confusing features.

  • Free to join public sessions

All experts on this platform are required to hold Livestream video sessions every week. These sessions are free for everyone to join. In fact, you do not even need a membership to join these and chat with the psychics.

  • Psychics from all over the world

We really liked that Oranum allows psychics from all over the world. If you are looking for a psychic from your time zone or your cultural background, you will easily find one here.

Since the psychics come from a lot of different countries, Oranum has the most language options out of any platform on this list.

  • Psychics have videos and pictures on their profiles

The great design of the website extends to psychics’ profiles, which look a lot like social media profiles. The pictures and videos help when you are trying to know your astrologer.

Oranum lets you have one-on-one video sessions with your psychic. You can ask your questions through text chat and you can see your psychic live.

  • Free credits for new users

When you sign up to Oranum and verify your payment info, you will get $10 in free credits. These credits can be used for a session of up to ten minutes.


  • Easy to use design
  • Can be used without registering or even paying, albeit with limited functionality
  • Mobile apps for both iOS and Android
  • Psychics host free public sessions
  • Experts from all over the world
  • Lots of language options
  • New users get $10 when signing up


  • No satisfaction guarantee
  • Psychics’ profiles are not as detailed as other platforms

Why We Recommend This Website

Oranum might not be as old as our top three picks, but it has gathered a lot of positive reviews. Also, the ability to join public sessions without paying or even registering is a great feature that other platforms on this list do not have.

Users love the great design and psychic options on this website. There are tons of language options, and psychics are located in almost all time zones across the world.

⇒Visit the official website of Oranum for more information

#5. Mysticsense – Best for Informative Purposes

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Mysticsense claims to have the best network of astrology readers from all around the world. The site offers specialized readings on a large number of topics relating to life. It also has plenty of positive reviews and a lot of useful features.

Mysticsense also has the largest range of communication options and offers readings in many languages. In addition to its other features and diverse astrologer network, Mysticsense makes for one of the top astrology sites you will find.


  • Offers the most communication channels

Mysticsense offers readings via SMS, phone calls, email, live chat, and video calls. They have covered pretty much every communication channel you can use these days.

The platform has around 250 psychics. That number is not as impressive when you compare it to the other platforms on our list. But, all of these experts have been selected by the Mysticsense team on the basis of their expertise and reputation.

Browsing psychics’ profiles one by one to find an expert for you can be a chore. If you find that to be the case, you can use the platform’s excellent search feature to find someone to suit your needs.

  • Psychics have their expertise clearly mentioned

It seems like a small feature, but we loved that every psychic on the platform has their area of expertise clearly mentioned on the profile, even in the search results.

  • Free five minutes for new users

When you sign up to this platform, Mysticsense gives you five minutes free to try out its services. There are also discounts for your first session if it goes above the five free minutes.

  • Multiple language options

We found a lot of psychics on the platform are multilingual. This means you can have a session in your own language, in addition to English, if you choose.


  • Handpicked psychics
  • Every psychic’s expertise is clearly mentioned on the profile, even in search results
  • Great search feature to help you find the expert you need
  • Offers five free minutes to new users
  • Easy to use website design
  • Plenty of language options


  • Fewer psychics than other platforms
  • Slightly more expensive
  • Does not have any mobile apps

Why We Recommend This Website

This platform’s commitment to quality is evident from the fact they pick their psychics very carefully. Everyone has their area(s) of expertise clearly mentioned, and the great search feature makes finding a psychic extremely easy.

User reviews of this platform are great, and we can attest to service quality at Mysticsense. The website even publishes quality blog content about daily life issues. All in all, the platform is definitely worth checking out.

⇒Visit the official website of Mysticsense for more information

How Did We Come Up With This Horoscope Reading List?

We did not just pick the top sites arbitrarily. Instead, we selected our top picks after a long and thorough process. Before we get into what our picks are, let us tell you about the process we used to make our selections.

Reading about astrology sites on blogs, magazines, social media, and other such platforms

There are hundreds of astrology sites on the internet. Going through an alphabetical list is never ideal when you are looking for the best ones.

The first step in our search for the best astrology sites was reading about the most popular ones on the internet. We read everything the internet had to say about them. Once we were through, we ended up with a preliminary list of astrology sites. But, it still had too many entries on it, so we turned to user reviews.

User reviews, statistics, and customer satisfaction rates

After getting our initial list, we read customer reviews for each platform to see how they got so popular (some do it through negative publicity).

We looked for the overall number of reviews on each platform, went through those reviews to find out the ratio of satisfied and unsatisfied customers, and then we read individual comments.

Other various factors in like rates, accuracy, anonymity, and money-back guarantee

Once we had our shortlist of about 20 or so astrology sites, our editors began the testing phase. During the testing phase, each site was tested for many things that are essential for a good astrology platform.

Among these factors were the following:

  • Whether or not the site had accuracy rates above 98%.
  • If the site offered a satisfaction guarantee and covered clients’ money with a refund policy.
  • The number of astrologers on the site, the platform’s focus on the details of their profiles, and the number of people using that platform.
  • The length of the free trial (if the platform had one).
  • Pricing.
  • The modes of communication available on the platform to get your readings through.

After our testing, only a few of the platforms still remained on the list. These platforms, in the end, scored the highest in all of the phases of our search and proved to be the best astrology sites. Let us take a look at them.

Beginner’s Guide To Use Astrology Readings

If you have never received an astrology reading before and are just considering it now, it can seem a bit unnerving. Let us take you through the basics.

Astrology readings

As you might already know, astrology readings are based on zodiac signs. This means that personality traits are determined by your respective zodiac signs. In addition, the position of the sun, moon, constellations, and the planets of the solar system when you were born also affect who you are as a person.

Basically, imagine taking a snapshot of the skies at the exact moment you were born, and that determines your personality.

When you go for a reading, astrologers also factor in a snapshot of the skies as they are currently, as well as how they were at different points in your life. They do so to figure out information about your present, past, and future.

Things to keep in mind before and during a session

All of these websites are great, and you cannot go wrong with any of them. But, before you jump into a session with a psychic, there are some things you should keep in mind.

First, make a list of questions and concerns you want to address. If you wait until the last moment, there is a good chance you will forget something important. Arrange the questions so you start off with general ones before jumping into the big stuff.

Make sure to keep a notepad on hand so you can write down anything your psychic tells you. There is a lot to unpack in a session, and all details matter (even if they seem insignificant).

Online VS Offline Astrology Services

A lot of people prefer to visit their psychics in person. So, what is the difference between online and offline sessions?

Apart from being face to face with your psychic with offline sessions, there is no difference. In fact, online sessions are far better than in-person ones because they let you access a global pool of talent.

All of the websites we have mentioned above employ experts who are the best in their fields. Offline, you are just limited to astrologers or psychics that are in your city. With these websites, thanks to the internet, you get access to the most gifted astrologers in the world.

FAQs About Astrology Reading

Q. Which of these websites should I choose?

All of these sites are great, but Kasamba is undoubtedly the best platform of the bunch. Their psychics are great, they have overwhelmingly positive reviews, they cover a vast array of services, and, on top of all of that, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You just cannot go wrong with them or their advice.

Q. How do I read my own birth chart?

Technically you can read your own birth chart after learning the basics through Google; however, the better advice would be to have it done professionally. The reason is there is a lot that goes into reading someone’s astrology. The experts on the platforms we have mentioned above have years, even decades, of experience.

There is nothing wrong with doing so as a hobby. But, you should not make major life decisions based on the birth chart readings you conduct by yourself. If you want it done right, hire an expert.

Q. Can astrology help me make sense of my past?

Yes. It is a common misconception that astrology only gives you information about the future. Expert astrologers can provide you with answers about your whole life (past, present, and future).

Q. What are some good questions to ask my astrologer?

While exact questions will vary from person to person. Here are some general areas that you can ask questions about:

  • You love and/or dating life
  • Your strengths, natural gifts, and weaknesses as a person
  • Career challenges of your future
  • Your life’s purpose
  • The meaning behind your life’s events

Q. Can my horoscope readings change in the future?

It is possible. The stars and the planets are always in flux, and the decisions you make today will influence your future. That is why it is very important to keep in touch with your astrologer and have a session every once in a while. Doing so will help you keep track of the changes in your future.

Conclusion: Which Astrology Site is The Best?

There are a lot of horoscope websites on the internet, all claiming to be the best. They are often scams though. This is why we sifted through thousands of reviews and invested hundreds of hours to bring you five of the best horoscope sites on the internet. However, we would recommend you to explore Kasamba.

We hope you found this list helpful for your needs. Good luck!

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