Four advertising and marketing suggestions from the hit TV present ‘The Mandalorian’

There is a lot to learn from Disney’s popular show “The Mandalorian”. (Pinterest image)

Disney’s “The Mandalorian” has proven to be a binge-worthy addition to the legendary “Star Wars” galaxy, especially since it came out at the perfect time to distract us from the lockdown blues.

Now that season two is over, it should be noted that there is a lot we can learn from the series as the latest Star Wars sensation is not only exciting but also has a bit of life and marketing wisdom in it.

We can learn four lessons from the adventures Mando encounters on his journey to protect the child (also known as “Baby Yoda”).

1. Create a distinctive brand

Make it easy for customers to remember your brand. (Pinterest image)

Everyone on the outer edge and in the rest of the galaxy is familiar with Mandalorian culture.

Even those who have never seen a Mandalorian can instantly spot one in their midst thanks to the unique Beskar armor and cool looking helmets (which they don’t remove in front of anyone).

When it comes to your brand, you want your company’s identity to stand out in the same way. To do this, create an unforgettable logo, come up with an unforgettable slogan and then find ways to increase the awareness of your brand.

Promotional items can help you with this. Customers love gifts, and every time they use an item that has your business name on it, they’ll think of you.

2. Tidy up your work area

Keeping your work area clean can help clarify yourself. (Pinterest image)

The Mandalorian flies around in a dated ship outside the Empire called the Razor Crest. It doesn’t have the high-tech bells and whistles of newer ships, but it does the job.

To stay productive in his bounty hunter job, Mando keeps everything extremely organized.

In a scene that takes place under the ship’s cockpit, viewers get a glimpse of how Mando is organized when a character opens a door and reveals a storage area with perfectly aligned weapons.

If you have a storage space that you’re wondering how to use or organize, measure the square footage and see ideas for similar sized storage spaces on Pinterest.

It can be difficult to keep your marketing goals on track when you are literally wading through a minefield of distractions. Get rid of the clutter in your work area and dispose of anything you don’t need.

You won’t regret having a workspace that doesn’t distract or interfere with your productivity.

3. Stay strong in times of crisis

Mando remains resilient in the midst of trouble. (Pinterest image)

Mando is always prepared and knows how to react in a crisis, even if he didn’t expect it at all.

We can see the value of such determination in our current situation. In these troubled times, the pandemic has turned our lives and economies upside down.

But now is not the time to stop; Instead, it is time to muster your inner strength, reassure your customers and employees, and look for a way to move forward.

One foolproof way to strengthen your defenses is to get your finances in order.

Check in with your assets and expenses as these have almost certainly changed drastically. Then create a budget that fits your new situation and learn to monitor your balance in case you need help in the future.

Understandably, it might be impossible to be in control with so much uncertainty around the corner. But remember, the better prepared you are, the easier it will be to maintain and market your business once this health crisis is over.

4. Know how to deal with unfortunate surprises

Mando is always prepared for anything. (Pinterest image)

Mando once took a job with some seedy ex-coworkers to break out of a prisoner locked in a Republic starship.

While no love was lost between the team members who had gathered to do the job, Mando remained professional and did what he could to work with the unsavory characters.

After the team successfully freed the prisoner, they unfortunately pushed Mando into the cell and locked him up. He didn’t panic, but used his skills to break free.

In this world, you never know what kind of unexpected event might occur, and the more practical skills you have, the better you will be.

Technology is a wonderful tool, but it does not replace basic skills or the ability to think and improvise quickly. Skills in your repertoire such as first aid or operating a gear stick are irreplaceable – and could one day save your life.

Unfortunately, it is less easy to find solutions to business and marketing problems.

For example, you could find yourself in the middle of a firestorm on social media or some unexpectedly bad publicity (such as an accidental post or one of the company’s accounts hacked).

Such events can panic those involved. But instead of rushing to implement the first solution that comes to mind, take a short break first. Take a moment to think about the best way to get out of the traffic jam – then roll with us and take decisive action.

On the surface, our world is not remotely similar to the Star Wars galaxy. However, if you look between the lines, you will find that there are many lessons we can learn from The Mandalorian that we can apply to our own lives and business practices.

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