Gasoline Costs: Which States Pay the Least Per Gallon?

Strategic Resource Group CEO Burt Flickinger sheds light on the future of markets and the rise in retail sales.

After a cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline that resulted in a gas shortage in the southeastern US last week, low supply and panic buying drove gas prices up.

But in which states is the price cheapest to fill?


States in and around the South Central region of the United States had the lowest prices for regular gas on Sunday, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA).

Texans pay the third lowest cost at $ 2.76 per gallon, while Louisiana and Mississippi have the lowest registered prices in the U.S. at about $ 2.72, AAA said.

Other states in the low range of under $ 2.87 were North Dakota, Minnesota, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and Alabama.

Meanwhile, Californians pay the most for gasoline, paying about $ 4.13 a gallon – about 27 cents more than the next highest state of Hawaii ($ 3.86). The national average was $ 3.04 per gallon.

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Prices have also hurt road trip plans for many looking to get away with the summer.

Potential travelers posted on social media last week lament the turn of their fortune.

On Saturday, Colonial Pipeline Co. announced that the service was reaching consumers in all of the states it served following a day-long network shutdown following a ransomware attack.

The pipeline carries 100 million gallons of fuel daily and accounts for 45% of the fuel used on the east coast. The shutdown caused gas shortages in areas served by Colonial and prices are said to have been as high as $ 6.99 a gallon in Virginia this week.

Fox Business’s James Leggate contributed to this report.

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