Genuine photos and movies could be precisely what your advertising and marketing wants

Business marketers can access high-quality stock graphics with iStock.

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June 4, 2021 4 min reading time

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Smart marketing design is about more than just Flash – it’s about connecting to your audience in seven seconds or less. This is even more important for small or medium-sized businesses as the competition is likely to be fierce and often with greater resources. But budgeting for quality marketing materials can be overwhelming for a small business.

iStock images and videos are changing the game by enhancing content that small businesses can inexpensively incorporate into their marketing plan by providing access to high quality, royalty-free images and video clips.

Impress with a variety of finds.

Popular free stock images have quickly become noticeable repetitions in online articles and marketing content. In a digital world where you make a unique impression on your potential audience in seconds, why should you look like everyone else? iStock offers small and medium-sized businesses the tools to stand out with exclusive image content.

iStock has one of the largest collections of images on the web. These are all of a higher quality than free image pages. IStock’s catalog, sourced from 160,000 contributors around the world, is authentic, extensive, and includes high-resolution images to meet the needs of a wide variety of industries.

Each of these images comes with a license and has been carefully checked to avoid legal errors. Businesses worried about copyright infringement or lawsuits related to identifiable features in a stock photo can rest easy knowing they are backed by a $ 10,000 guarantee from iStock.

Exclusive video content.

Small businesses rarely have the budget to shoot a high quality, bespoke commercial or presentation. Still, video marketing remains a holy grail as Facebook shares that video ads result in significantly better conversions – up to 30% more.

Smaller businesses that want these conversions don’t have to spend too much to get great video content. At iStock, companies can find more than just general images. The iStock catalog is packed with 4K footage and HD clips sorted by topic to help you find relevant content.

Small businesses know how difficult it is to find good videos – but finding a huge collection at affordable prices is the marketing gain every business owner is looking for. Mix in with your own proprietary video content or create something entirely new with iStock when you’re into stock video options.

The right price for the right ROI.

Premium content usually includes just that – a bonus. Hitting a huge budget on custom or even stock images when creating and marketing content for small businesses isn’t always the smartest choice. Like all business decisions, a stock image budget should be based on expected ROI.

This is why the catalog of stock images and videos from iStock is affordable. Customers pay a one-time license fee and can use the image for their licensed purposes free of charge without incurring any associated license fees.

Affordability is a major focus with high resolution imagery starting as low as $ 12. Videos start at $ 60 for 4K clips. Put together an ad campaign for less than € 100 and see how the clicks are received.

If you’re a company looking to expand into frequent image or video marketing, consider iStock’s subscription plans, which allow a set number of image purchases per month for a flat fee. Get images for just $ 0.22 each with a basic subscription. With multiple options to choose from the number of images you need and the budget you can afford, these plans can be a tipping point for small businesses that rely on graphical content.

Step up your marketing game by opting for more selective images and videos from iStock. Your company benefits from the authenticity and diversity that is unique to iStock.

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