George Conway says GOP lawmakers are attempting to maintain the Capitol rebellion in thoughts

Conway, the husband of former Trump White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, spoke to CNN’s Anderson Cooper about “AC360” and said the party is trying “to remember everything that happened. They are trying to do what.” happened on January 6th, to be remembered. ” And they’re getting rid of Liz Cheney because she won’t let that happen. And there is a good reason for them not to let that happen. “

The term “memory hole” refers to a device in George Orwell’s dystopian novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four” which discards information that is no longer convenient for the ruling party.

Cheney lost her position as the No. 3 Republican Wednesday morning after publicly denying former President Donald Trump’s lie that she won the 2020 presidential election for months. The conference is expected to replace her with New York MP Elise Stefanik, who has a less conservative voting record than Cheney but has emerged as one of Trump’s top defenders.

In a pre-vote speech, Cheney did not step down, calling on Trump and other Republicans who support his efforts to overcome his loss and accusing them of “waging the struggle to restore our party and nation to conservative principles”.

When Cheney criticized Trump in her remarks, she was booed by some of her colleagues, according to a member of the House of Representatives in the room. This loyalty to the former president was also evident during a House Oversight Committee hearing on the insurrection late Wednesday, during which Republican lawmakers attempted to deny even basic facts about the attack.

“It’s just an utter shame. These people all know better,” Conway said.

“They lived through this. And they saw the violence up close. They were the ones who had to hide in the basement of the Capitol for fear of being attacked. And to pretend it didn’t happen and that those people who broke and entered and attacked cops were just acting like normal tourists walking the mall, which is just too much to take. “

When asked about the future of the Republican Party, Conway bluntly said he did not have “much hope” for the GOP “in its current form”.

“The big lie has arrived,” he said. “The desire to hold on to the big lie, not just from members of Congress and the former president, but also from individual members of the Republican Party across the country, is growing increasingly troubling.”

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