Germinator simplifies branding and launches new Secure Zone marketing campaign – PCT

CUMMING, Ga .– Germinator Mobile Disinfection and Disinfection has simplified its branding to “Germinator” and launched a new creative campaign with an awareness-raising message. The company’s first initiative is the launch of the Germinator Safe Zone campaign, which aims to better educate the market 365 days a year for the spaces we work, live and play in about the 360-degree germ protection value proposition.

In parallel with the new campaign, Germinator has entered into a number of strategic sales partnerships, including the ability to offer new lines of disinfectant body products that offer protection for up to four hours per use. Air disinfection devices for removing viruses. Bacteria, allergens and contaminants in the air as well as innovative electrostatic mini sprayers for backpacks and handhelds.

Germinator has also connected with SafeAccess, a suite of risk management solutions that enables businesses, schools / colleges, and event organizers to easily create and maintain health and safety policies and procedures, conduct contact tracing, testing, digital health passports, AI-based cough signature detection, and more. These new, combined with the company’s patent-pending disinfection and disinfection service, create Germinator Safe Zones that provide advanced protection for surfaces, air, and you.

“The silver lining of the pandemic is that people are becoming more aware of the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses around them,” said Jeff Gill, Founder and CEO of Germinator. “However, people need to understand that germs outside of COVID pose an inherent threat to us on a daily basis. Places we visit most often, such as gyms, schools, and even hotels, have long been breeding grounds for the spread of MRSA, E. Coli, the common cold, flu, and so many other diseases. It’s not often talked about, however, but it’s something we keep in mind as we live our lives. Our goal is to better educate the market and give people confidence that they are in a safe place no matter where they go. That is why we introduced Germinator Safe Zones so that we can show people that it is possible to completely control the surfaces and objects that are in the places they are, the air they breathe, and even their bodies to protect. ”

Brand changes include an updated logo and new website domain changed from to simple, a sleek and clean website design with messaging that promotes the concept of creating Germinator Safe Zones, and new images of familiar spaces such as office buildings, houses, airplanes and sports stadiums shown in Germinator’s new branding to symbolize what it means , are described in a Germinator Safe Zone. Once disinfected by Germinator, it is in the safe zone and has a verifiable Germinator Safe Zone certification.

In the past year, Germinator established more than 20 franchises across the country. Every day the company goes to day care facilities, fire stations, office buildings, restaurants, shopping malls and homes to provide disinfection services.

“We are so grateful to the strategic brand agency PUSH 22 for supporting us in developing the Germinator Safe Zone concept and a corresponding creative campaign,” said Tammy Tecklenburg, Chief Commercial Officer of Germinator. “We’re excited to take the Germinator brand to the next level with messaging that is resonating with our Do It Yourself (DIY) and Do It For Me (DIFM) customers. My background is in the car care industry, and I’ve seen firsthand an increasing need for more consistent disinfection and disinfection measures across all channels. This is true for so many other major industries out there. Therefore, it is a fulfillment to be able to offer them best practices and solutions that will help provide comprehensive protection in all aspects of daily life. We just want you to feel safe again and enjoy a new normal that is very similar to the old one. ”

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